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animalsmallAbout Livestock Features At AG am in Kansas we take pride in our coverage of the animal agriculture sector.  Please enjoy these features from Dr. Dan Thomson and many experts in the business.  Feel free to share links and come back often to keep up with what is going on with food animals around the state and beyond.
Keith Belk, Selecting for Future Genetic Improvement The two things that are most important to consumers when they make a purchasing decision are food safety and eating satisfaction. In other words, how does the product perform for them, given an expectation for that performance that’s based on how much we ask them to pay for it….Click link for more.
Aptimmune Biologics Introduces Mucosal Vaccines for Swine  Hi, I’m Steve Berger from Aptimmune Biologics in Champagne, Illinois, and I am the development director for the preparation of our vaccine formulation. Aptimmune is developing mucosal vaccines for swine, particularly against two diseases, PRRS virus, which is a deadly
 Tips to Help Your Employees Become Team Members Hello folks, Dr. Nels Lindberg here with Production Animal Consultation and Animal Medical Center out of Great Bend, Kansas. Today, we want to talk about people. People is something we have to deal with every day, whether you employ them or they’re part of your team
What Happens When a Cattle Producer and a Chef Trade Places? Twenty-three miles are all that stand between the two bookends of the beef story in this case, but ranchers and chefs are on the same team….Click link for more.
Prime is a Logical Target for Cattle Producers   I am a research associate professor in the Department of Grain Science at Kansas State University and I also am the Director of the Wheat Quality Lab….Click link for more.
Growing Popularity in Asia of Chilled, rather than Frozen, US Beef Growing in popularity across Asia, chilled US beef, rather than frozen, adds value as it is shipped direct from packing plants to foreign markets in containers kept near the freezing point. (Dan Halstrom) Any time you freeze something and thaw it, you’re breaking down the cells….Click link for more.
Starbuck Wildfire Update  We had seven of our permanent staff involved with the fire; two were involved with the Incident Command Center with the Kansas Department of Emergency Management at Topeka. We had Rodney Redinger working the fire in Hutchinson; he was actually the operation section leader for that Incident Management Team….Click link for more.
 Lane Letourneau and Water Technology Farms  I sure appreciate the opportunity to visit with you today about water technology farms, local enhanced management are….Click link for more.
Update From the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo  I just want to thank everyone for coming out to the 2017 Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo. It’s a tremendous success. Wednesday, we had great crowds. Thursday were record crowds. The weather was absolutely fabulous and the show turned out great. Friday, we had big crowds. ..Click link for more.
 Russ Plaschka with the Kansas Department of Agriculture  About six months ago, Grace Roth, daughter of Duane Roth whose farm we’re on today, approached the Kansas Department of Agriculture about a project that his daughter could participate in, associated with the Kansas FFA Association….Click link for more.
 How One Cattle Producer Takes Care of His Customers Over the past few decades, one Minnesota Angus family has changed the way their customers view their calf crop. (Tim Schiefelbein) They went from just selling calves at the barn and forgetting about it to the day they can’t wait when they’re harvested. In fact most of my calls come right before they know their cattle….Click link for more.
Jenny Betschart and Her Family on the Day of the Starbuck Wildfire I’m Jenny Betschart from Ashland, Kansas. My family ranch is on Giles Ranch. It’s a partnership with my parents, my grandma, and two of my sisters Molly and Katie. On the day of the fire, we lost all of our ranch and 30,000 acres burned. We lost almost half of….Click link for more.
Bill Shaw and The Community Foundation in Clark County, KS The Community Foundation was founded in 1996, and I don’t think anyone realized at the time that we’d be managing a disaster. We’ve put together an application process for everyone in Clark County that’s lost anything as a result of this fire…..Click link for more.
Steve and Kelly Hazen Reflect on Starbuck Wildfire I was breaking the fire, I was shutting the fire down; I got to that draw. Anyways I got out here on the road, and dang gum – my lights were getting dim, I looked and I was pointing, “What in the heck?” And I looked behind my shoulder and the flames are shooting up the back of that cab….Click link for more.
Dr. Walter Fick and how fire affects different pasture grasses We’ve got some previous history in the state of Kansas on fire, particularly on heavier textured soils. Again, at about a mid-March time frame, and that particular year..Click link for more.
Tom Stiles with KDHE discusses Blue-Green Algae in Kansas   I’m Tom Stiles, Assistant Director of Bureau of Water, KDHE. Water quality is the name of our game and given that Kansas is such a rural state so heavily steeped…..Click link for more.
Swine and Poultry Tours from Japan This short course is focused on swine nutrition and feed manufacturing. It’s sponsored by the U.S. Soybean Export Council and is focused for Japanese swine nutritionists and people that work on swine farms….Click link for more.
Dr. Doug Shoup Discusses Cover Crops I’m Doug Shoup. I’m the Southeast Area Agronomist for Kansas State University. I had the opportunity to share some information on cover crops that we’ve done in the state of Kansas, but specifically to soybeans as well. Cover crops have become a new thing that producers are starting to incorporate….Click link for more.
With Artificial Insemination Consistency is Possible  One California rancher says if he couldn’t use artificial insemination, it wouldn’t be worth it. (Herb Holzapfel) I’d get out of the business, if I wasn’t able to make advances in genetics and cattle. The fun would be over. I’d quit if I couldn’t…Click link for more.
Dick Janssen, 2017 Stockman of the Year  This is a real honor for me and my family.  My college judging team coach was Don Goode and Miles McKee was the herdsmen at the beef barn. I was always interested in pedigrees, but they really got me interested in breeding cattle. Form and function was part of what they taught me…..Click link for more.
Dr. Glynn Tonsor discusses Beef Demand Survey The main purpose of the study was to explore the feasibility of refining our ability to monitor beef demand. Currently, myself and some others around the country, quarterly put out a very aggregated beef demand measurement. What I mean by that is, we treat all beef the same whether it went…Click link for more.
Cattle Drive in Buhler  We’re here at Buhler, Kansas, today for the second annual Kansas Cattle Drive. It was a beautiful day out today and we had a lot of vendors, we doubled in size. We had about 70 vendors inside and we had 31 pens of cattle from all over the state….Click link for more.
Raising Quality Cattle  GeneMax test scores go into a spreadsheet that Colorado rancher Braden Schaal relies on for picking replacement heifers, though he admits his computer does most of the sorting. (Braden Schaal) I will refine it with a one final visual test, but I will not keep something below what I want…Click link for more.
Randy Blach with CattleFax  As I listen to producers here at the annual convention, I would say the biggest things that I hear that are on people’s minds are they’re worried about what are we going to do with all this protein. We’ve got record large total protein supplies….Click link for more.
Dr. Robin Falkner and the 80/20 Rule Changing beef markets call for even more genetic focus. (Allan Sents) As we go forward, especially in times of tight margins and the risk that we have in the market place, anything that can be done genetically to narrow….Click link for more.
Maximizing Good Genes in a Beef Market with Tight Margins Changing beef markets call for even more genetic focus. (Allan Sents) As we go forward, especially in times of tight margins and the risk that we have in the market place, anything that can be done genetically to narrow….Click link for more.
Tips to Better Manage Your Employees Hello folks, Dr. Nels Lindberg here with Production Animal Consultation and Animal Medical Center out of Great Bend, Kansas. Today, we want to talk about people. People is something we have to deal with every day, whether you employ them or they’re part of your team, or they’re not part of your team, or you don’t employ them…Click link for more.
Gary Fike with Red Angus Association of America  I’m Gary Fike with the Red Angus Association of America. I’m the Director of Commercial Marketing. We recently decided to conduct a survey with the aid of Kansas State University veterinarians, Dr. Dan Thomson and Dr. AJ Tarpoff to determine what the most widely recommended practices were in the commercial cow/calf industry…..Click link for more.
Shawn Darcy, the Associate Director of Market Research at NCBA –  Commercial ‘m Shawn Darcy, the Associate Director of Market Research at NCBA. I was at the KLA Convention this week talking about the evolving consumer, or today’s consumer mindset of beef and what that means for us…..Click link for more.
Upcoming Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo My name is Darren Dale and this will be the sixth year for the Great Event, the Farm & Ranch Expo. It’ll be here before we know it. Its on April 5th, 6th and 7th. It’s extremely humbling to see it grows and continues to grow every year…Click link for more.
How Angus Breeders Add Value Commercial cattlemen paid record high prices for Angus bulls in 2015. Then calf values fell, and now they might be asking if they got a return on that investment. Some say good genetics are more valuable in this new scenario….Click link for more.
Grant Morgan with Poky Feeders My name is Grant Morgan. I’m with Poky Feeders in Scott City Kansas. We are currently a 75,000-head commercial feedyard; 95% of the cattle here being owned by somebody else. Most of the cattle..Click link for more.
Bob Larson with the BCI Pregnancy App Pen and paper have some advantages, but some real disadvantages. Trying to bring a computer to the chute side had some advantages, but some real disadvantages…Click link for more.
Dr. Nels Lindberg and Luke Knight Hello folks, Dr. Nels Lindberg here with Production Animal Consultation and Animal Medical Center out of Great Bend, Kansas. …Click link for more.
KLA Update from Matt Perrier  Good morning, I’m Matt Perrier from Eureka, Kansas. I’m currently serving as president of the Kansas Livestock Association. This is your KLA Update for today…..Click link for more.
Matt Perrier and his November 19th Bull Sale  Good morning and welcome to AGam in Kansas. I’m Sam Capoun and today I’m here with Matt Perrier. Matt, you guys have a bull sale coming November 19th, correct? (Matt Perrier) That’s correct, yes. ..Click link for more.
Chuck Schroder, Executive Director of Rural Futures Institute Good morning and welcome to AGam in Kansas. I’m Sam Capoun. Today, we’re at the Ranching Summit. I’m here with Chuck Schroeder. Chuck, tell me a little bit about what you do and then we’ll go from there….Click link for more.
Dr. AJ Tarpon and Biosecurity for your Operation  What is biosecurity and how does it affect your operation? Biosecurity really comes down to preventing disease from coming onto your operation. There are many different facets a part of biosecurity, such as biocontainment. Biocontainment is actually mitigating disease on your own premise…..Click link for more.
Dr. Sean Montgomery and the VFD Yes. Hello, my name is Dr. Sean Montgomery. I’m a consulting Feedlot Nutritionist based out of Nebraska. I work for an independent consulting firm Corn Belt Livestock Services and I’m here at Kansas State Stocker Days to talk about how the upcoming veterinary feed directive or VFD…..Click link for more.
VCPR and VFD Discussions at Knight Feed Yard in Lyons, Kansas Hello, folks, Dr. Nels Lindberg here with Production Animal Consultation and Animal Medical Center out of Great Bend, Kansas. We’re here today at Knight Feed Yard, Lyons, Kansas, and I’ve got the honorable Luke Knight here. We’re here to talk about veterinary-client-patient relationships and VFDs…Click link for more.
How the Rex Ranch Learned Even more about their Cattle  When the Rex Ranch got into the feeding business, they learned more about their cattle. But rather than change their focus, it only intensified it…..Click link for more.
Parks’ Update on Merck Animal Health Summer Internships I’m Dr. Tim Parks of Merck Animal Health, and today I’m here with Savannah Speckhart, who did an internship with us over this past summer. She’s going to talk a little bit about the things that she did with us…..Click link for more.
Advantages of Burning Pastures in the Flint Hills We’re here at the K-State Beef Stocker Field Day. Here to talk with us is Mike Collinge. Mike you are a panelist on the panel speaking on pasture burning issues. As a producer, what tool that you go to, and that you’d recommend that other producers look to when they’re making decisions….Click link for more.
Clinton Owensby with Issues Surronding Pasture Burning We’re here at the K-State Beef Stocker Field Day here with Clenton Owensby. One of the issues that you spoke on briefly was surface exposure and how a pasture is affected when say a heavy rainfall comes or something to that effect…..Click link for more.
Parks’ update on Merck Animal Health Research I’m Dr. Tim Parks of Merck Animal Health, and today I’m here with Savannah Speckhart, who did an internship with us over this past summer……Click link for more.
Romulo Lotta with Wheat Variety Options for Grazing Whenever we talk about the variety selection for dual purpose, I feel the things we need to consider in addition to grain yield will be, first of all, it’s forage yield….Click link for more.
K-State Ranching Summit Good morning and welcome to AGam in Kansas. Thanks for joining us, I’m Sam Capoun and today we’re with Dr. Bob Weaber. Bob, you have an event coming up. Why don’t do tell us a little bit about it?…Click link for more.
Ken Odde’s Udate on KSU College of Ag Good morning and welcome to AGam in Kansas. I’m Sam Capoun and today we’re with Dr. Odde. Now, Dr. Odde, K-State, the College of Agriculture, is a pretty big thing at K-State, so tell us about that….Click link for more.
The Holistic Approach The Jaeger family knows that without optimum health in all aspects of their operation, there is no sustainability. They want those outside agriculture to know it, too…..Click link for more.
Abilene’s Longhorn Cattle Drive  We’re here in Abilene, Kansas at the 150th Celebration of the Chisholm Trail, at the Trails, Rails, and Tails event. We came up from Woodward, Oklahoma…Click link for more.
Cattle Health Adds Quality to Genetics When it comes to calf health at Chappell Feedlot in southwestern Nebraska, manager Tom Williams gets down to details with customers. Each load is unique, based on their history…..Click link for more.
Tom Granzow with the Kansas Hereford Association My name is Tom Granzow, I’m the secretary manager of the Kansas Hereford Association and we’re having our yearly tour. We’re at Frank Hug and Sons at Scranton, Kansas. They are a member of the Kansas Hereford Association….Click link for more.
Grant Morgan with Poky Feeders  So we’ve talked about already of how we actually capture the water and at this point I’ll show you how we actually recycle it and put it back into our loop system for the cattle to drink. When the water gets….Click link for more.
Options on Retaining Heifers  We’re moving into a time of lower calf prices and one of the things that I really want producers to think about as they grow replacement heifers is figure out how to do that and take advantage….Click link for more.
Importance of Fetal Programming  Just as raising a child “takes a village,” the same can be said about raising healthy, profitable calves that bring the highest returns…and it all starts at the beginning…..Click link for more.
Quality Cattle in Niche for Chappell Feedyard Chappell Feedlot has expanded from 2,500 to 7,500 head since current owners bought the yard in 1992. (Williams) This is probably as large as we want to get. We like to be small enough to provide individual attention….Click link for more.
Dr Charan Ganta’s Passion for Stem Cell Research  My name is Dr. Charan Ganta. I’m a Veterinary Anatomic Pathologist, here at Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab. Besides that I have passion in stem cell research. We work with several animal diseases….Click link for more.
John Hinners with the US Meat Export Federation The US Meat Export Federation is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with offices around the world. Our main mission is to put US red meat on the world’s table. We’ve invested or leveraged Kansas Soybean Commission’s Check Off dollars in beef and pork promotions…Click link for more.
Angus Demand Looking at price and quantity together helps tell the demand story. A recent update on a 2010 index from Kansas State University revealed a third year of modest growth for Choice beef demand, and the strongest growth on record for the Certified Angus Beef ® brand….Click link for more.
Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 11.09.31 AMBREXIT and Ag Trade The other thing this has done for the rest of Europe is it has made them aware of the complexity of leaving. So if nothing at all, Britain has become a case study of how not to get out of international unions once you become part of it because you become very entangled in a lot of ways….Click link for more.
Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 11.10.24 AMDan Moser Genomics Sure, so genomics is just the idea of DNA testing. It’s using a DNA sample from a blood sample or a hair sample, at least in the case of cattle, to identify more about the animal, to try to understand their genetics by studying the DNA. In the end, that gives us a fairly accurate prediction of what that animal’s potential is for a trait like growth or even marbling or reproduction….Click link for more.
Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 11.11.45 AMNBAF Facility Hi Tell us about NBAF’s mission statement. (Dr. Vanier) The mission of NBAF is to do advanced research at the biosafety level three and four on high-consequence trans-boundary livestock diseases. …Click link for more.
Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.42.17 AMEnso Discoveries  I’m Dr. Corey Orava, veterinarian with Enso Discoveries and I’m the chairman of this first annual Kansas Veterinary Regenerative Symposium. This Symposium was the brainchild of — actually — Governor Brownback over a year ago….Click link for more.
Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.40.34 AMDr. Clay Mathis with Thoughts about the Cowherd I’ve been asked to talk about the cowherd of 2036 and what will make our cattle production systems more efficient and profitable at that time…..Click link for more.
Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.32.36 AMGary Fike with the Red Angus Association Welcome to AGam in Kansas. I’m your guest host Sam Capoun and today we’re at BIF convention in Manhattan, Kansas. I’m here with Gary Fike. Gary, tell us a little bit about your job duties. (Gary Fike) I am the Director of Commercial Marketing for the Red Angus Association of America.
GeneSeek and Embruon, How They Work Together  The first thing I think we probably ought to define is things that are definitely not good stockmanship. When you measure cattle handling, when you measure things like focalization in squeeze chutes, falling down, stumbling, electric prod use.
Josh White at the BIF Convention  The two things that are most important to consumers when they make a purchasing decision are food safety and eating satisfaction. In other words, how does the product perform for them, given an expectation for that performance that’s based on how much we ask them to pay for it.
Professor of Meat Safety and Quality The two things that are most important to consumers when they make a purchasing decision are food safety and eating satisfaction. In other words, how does the product perform for them, given an expectation for that performance that’s based on how much we ask them to pay for it.
Temple Grandin Speaks about Stockmanship  The first thing I think we probably ought to define is things that are definitely not good stockmanship. When you measure cattle handling, when you measure things like focalization in squeeze chutes, falling down, stumbling, electric prod use
Sustainability from a Cattle Feeding Perspective  I’m Todd Allen with Cargill Cattle Feeders out of Wichita. Cargill Cattle Feeders is part of our animal protein businesses headquartered in Wichita, and I oversee all of our live cattle production operations in Kansas, Colorado and Texas.
Trials of Supplement Various Concentrates of Zinc The first trial we did involving feeding higher concentrations of zinc, we were just trying to see if we can improve growth performance or carcass characteristics from feeding zinc in combination with zilpaterol hydrochloride or known as Zilmax.
Prescribed Burns with Carol Blocksome My name is Carol Blocksome and I am a range management specialist at Kansas State University in the department of horticulture, forestry and recreation resource. I work largely with prescribed fire and smoke. Fire is an important part of the ecosystem of the Great Plains.
Wildfire Donations Accepted by KLA Foundation Hi, I’m Tracy Brunner, 2016 President of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. I’m from Ramona, Kansas. That’s a small farming and ranching community in the Western Flint Hills. I’d like to tell you just a little bit about or talk a little bit about our spring weather.
Walt Fick, Grazing Season Options I’m Walt Fick; I’m an Extension Range Land Management Specialist here at Kansas State University housed here in Manhattan. Today I wanted to visit with you a little bit about as we start into the grazing season maybe the various options producers have in terms of different grazing systems they might use
Rewards for High-Performing Cattle Still Available Beef numbers are on the rise in 2016 and so is opportunity for ranchers focused on quality. (Bohn) There’s more and more people across the world that want to increase their diet and have a higher-quality diet than we had in the past, and so beef can play a role in that. Certainly the demand for quality will continue to be there.
Grid Premiums Packers paid nearly $1 million per week last year, in grid premiums for cattle that earn the Certified Angus Beef® brand. That’s according to results of a biennial survey of the four major processors in North America. (Suther) That’s just for the Certified Angus Beef premium on the grid.
Animal Medical Center’s Annual Producer Meeting Hey, I’m Dr. Matt from Animal Medical Center here in Great Bend, Kansas, here on the eve of our annual producer meeting. As you can see behind us, they’re cooking some steaks. We do this every year to try and put a good program together and bring our producers in and give them some good information.
Dr. Jerry Discusses BVD I’m Jerry Woodruff, a Professional Service Veterinarian with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica. Really delighted to be part of the producer meeting here for Animal Center Vet Clinic. I’ll be talking to the producers this evening a little bit about Bovine Virus Diarrhea.
Dr. Dan Thomson Veterinary Feed Directive Hey folks, I’m Dr. Dan and we’re here at Animal Medical Center’s Annual Producer Meeting. My topic today is the Veterinary Feed Directive. Basically, starting January 1, 2017, we’ll no longer be able to just go to the feed store and purchase antibiotics over the counter or just pop in and buy them.
Anderson Creek Farms There’s ranchers out there still trying to decide-do we have cows alive yet and we just haven’t found them? How many cows have we lost? Things they’re seeing short term.
USDA/NIFA $25 Million Update We are in the home stretch of this USDA NIFA, a $25 million dollar grant which spans five years. And it’s getting to be really exciting because some of the larger more integrated projects are coming to a head and we’re seeing large amounts of data and large amounts of results that we’re reporting now.… link for more.
Certified Angus Beef Brand Packers paid nearly $1 million per week last year, in grid premiums for cattle that earn the Certified Angus Beef® brand. That’s according to results of a biennial survey of the four major processors in North America.
Sustainability in the Beef Community Sustainability can mean a lot of different things. But members of the beef community have boiled down their definition. (Butler) From a broad perspective, it’s being socially responsible, environmentally responsible and economically sound.
Kansas Cattle Drive in Buhler Back in July last year, the American Hereford Association Field Rep had stopped by and looked at our cattle during the summer and we’re walking through a pasture and looking at these bulls, some of them that are actually behind us here, and he picked one out.
Having a Successful Calving Season We assess body condition score on a score of one to nine, with one being really thin and nine being a really fat, obese cow, and so, what we want, is we want cows to be at a body condition score of five or six when they calve, because it seems to stimulate the rest of the reproductive system of the cow.
KS Beef Council at Cattlemen’s Day Good morning, I’m Kevin Thielen, the Executive Director of the Kansas Beef Council coming to you today from Cattleman’s Day at Kansas State University. We have all of our staff members here today rolling out and showing some of the things we’ve got going on in the nutrition world.
A Look at High Profit Cattle Producers Took a look the last 40 years, we went back and looked at the beef cow/calf enterprise data from the KFMA, Kansas Farm Management Association data. So, what we did is we took a look at just the last five years.
Sericea Lespedeza  Well folks, I’m K.C. Olson with Animal Sciences and Industry at Kansas State University and I’d like to spend a little time this afternoon talking about growing season prescribed burning for sericea lespedeza control.
Agronomic Decisions I’m Joe Lauer, and I’m with the University of Wisconsin. I’m a professor in corn agronomy for the state of Wisconsin. And we do research on agronomic decision making for corn farmers. This project that I’m going to talk about today basically looking at the response of corn to variable rate.
Weather Data for Agriculture I am with Weather Decision Technologies. We’re a weather data provider for agriculture. A lot of our groups that we’re involved with are SST and Beck’s Hybrid Seeds with and Agri-Trend in Canada.
Veterinary Feed Directives We’re here in Alta Vista tonight talking about Veterinary Feed Directives, which go into effect January 1, 2017. These feed directives will enforce the law as it has been written for a number of years on feed grade antibiotics. And will not allow the extra label use of these antibiotics.
Winter Mineral Supplementation I’m Chris Reinhardt, Extension Beef Specialist with Kansas State University. We’ve been traveling around the state the past couple of months talking with producers about key issues. We call it the Winter Ranch Management Series.
Kansas Cattle Drive I’m Darren Busick, I’m the Ag Agent here in Reno County with K-State Extension. And today we’re having the Kansas Cattle Drive. Several months ago with our Reno County Cattlemen’s Association, we had an idea brought to us by Jeff Smith that he knew that they did it in Valentine where they line bulls up on Main Street and help producers advertise and sell bulls.
Beef Sire Selection Tool: Selection Index So, one of the things that we’ve been talking at the Winter Ranch Management Series this year is giving producers a bit of an update on some of the new Beef Sire Selection tools that are available. And we use it a little bit loosely, but two of the concepts that I’ve been talking about this year are Selection Index.
Beef Sire Selection Tools: Genomics So that was one of the areas that we talked about Selection Index. The other one was the use of genomics and DNA technology has moved pretty rapidly over the last couple of years. And to the extent that many producers and seed stock producers that is, are using genomics technology to add accuracy to the EPDs
Branded Beef Programs So today we’re going to talk about beef branding on beef palatability and overall eating quality. What we do know is that there is a lot of studies that have shown there is a lot of economic value to beef branding or Branded Beef Programs. What we don’t know is when we actually put a brand on a product
Advantages of using MaternalPlus A profitable cowherd begins with efficient females that produce high-quality calves. That’s why many Angus breeders turn to MaternalPlus to give their customer’s information they need to make effective genetic selection decisions.
Economics and Quality Drive the Cattle Business  Hopefully we’re all in the business to make a dollar but at the same time we’re producing a quality product, we hope we can sell it at a premium and hopefully we can get some of that premium back here at the ranch. But it’s a team. It’s really a team that all comes together.
Herd Expansion in 2016 And really every single expansion we went through in the 80s, 90s and the limited one we had in the 2000s came as demand was declining. This is the first time we have an opportunity to expand the beef cow herd in an increasing demand environment really the first time since the 70s.
Why Producers Need to Tell Their Story  Time can be tricky in the cattle business. Always in need of more time, never enough time. Figuring out what deserves the most attention and when can be a losing battle. But take a few beats to think about the impressions you create every day and how it affects your reputation….click link for more.
Cattle Research on Regional Performance  From the fescue belt to the high desert to high altitudes, ranching has different challenges in each region. Through the years, cattlemen have found genetics that work in each of them. New research aims to uncover just what’s different…click link for more.
Tiffany Cattle Company  We get to feed exceptionally good cattle. We worked hard on the initial phases of the business and here on out and meeting with cow-calf producers on an individual basis at their particular operations and showing them that all of their hard work and all of their investment in good quality genetics….click link for more.
2016 Ranch Management Series My name’s Bob Weaber and I’m a Cow/Calf Extension Specialist here at Kansas State University. I’d like to invite producers from throughout Kansas to our 2016 Winter Ranch Management Series. It will be held at five locations throughout Kansas… link for more.
Chris Hodges, CEO National Pork Board Yea, 2015 was a big turn year for us. As you remember 2014, we suffered through PED and production was down. But we came into 2015, roared into 2015. We had a lot more production than anybody saw coming and we had a few problems in the export sector….click link for more.
John Weber on Trade Issues Duane Toews joining you again on AGam in Kansas, as we continue with activities in Kansas City at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting meeting with a chance to catch up with John Weber, President-elect of the National Pork Producers Council. And John, a lot of things that have been going on obviously from the Pork Producers Council side of things….click link for more.
Swine Health Information Center And Dr. Sundberg, obviously we think about an industry that relies a great deal on reactionary principles to disease outbreaks. The swine industry seems to be maybe one of the most involved in that kind of an aspect…click link for more.
Dr. Tom Fangman Duane, there’s no doubt that that is the case. We choose an industry that’s constantly changing in dynamic pathogen exposure and pathogen prevention leads to our profitability, as we look at swine production across the United States. ….click link for more.
Future of Livestock Market Hi this is Kyle Bauer continuing to visit with Randy Blach. Randy is the CEO of CattleFax. Randy in the prior segment we talked about kind of what has happened in the years prior as we’ve come through 2015, which in the cattle market has been really tough for the feeder people or for the people feeding cattle… link for more.
Challenges for Cattle Producers  Oh, it’s been a roller coaster over the last couple years Kyle. You know, you think about 2000, a transition from 2013 to 2014 we had the third biggest price increase in the history of our industry. And then from ’14 to ’15, we had the third biggest price decline in the history of our business… link for more.
Enhancing Beef’s Value Back with more AGam in Kansas from the Kansas Livestock Association Annual Convention and Trade Show in Wichita. We continue our discussion about the Beef Industry Long Range Plan. John Butler and Jerry Bohn joining us. Jerry we think about the opportunity to promote and strengthen beef’s value. … link for more.
Beef Industry’s Long Range Plan Duane Toews, joining you on AGam in Kansas, while at the Kansas Livestock Association Annual Meeting Convention and Trade Show in Wichita, a chance to catch up and talk about the Beef Industry Long Range Plan… link for more.
Challenges for Cattle Producers The beef business in 2015 may be remembered for some of the highest prices, and quickest falls in history. For the Certified Angus Beef brand, it was an 11th consecutive sales growth year. But president John Stika says it’s notable for more than its 896-million-pound record.
Extreme Cowboy Race Association Hi my name is Lee Hart with Cowboy Logic Horsemanship in Topeka, Kansas. Today I’m here to talk to you about the EXCA, otherwise known as the Extreme Cowboy Race Association, and how you can get out there and get involved with it. This is a sport that Craig Cameron introduced to the public several years ago.
Tips for Cattle Producers Volatility. Funds. Risk management. If you’ve heard cattle market commentary in the past few months, you’ve heard all of these, a lot. Commodity broker Doug Deets says the landscape is changing as rebuilding begins—noticeable gains in cowherd inventory will start to appear in 2016.
Livestock Watersheds I’m Ron Graeber, K-State Extension Watershed Specialist. I work in the central part of Kansas. And one of the things that I do as part of my job is to try to educate or help livestock producers understand how their feeding operation might impact streams and waterways from an environmental standpoint. 
Angus Report So there was a lot less risk to being a rancher than it was with the farming end, and we do our fair share of farming, but we felt that by growing the herd numbers-wise, we could do a better job of protecting ourselves from a financial standpoint. …..Click link for more.
Cattle Feeder’s Bottom Line  Corn may be king, but forages could make or break a cattle feeder’s bottom line this year. (Erickson) The total feed needs to get a steer to market is still eighty-five percent forage because there’s a cow somewhere that’s being fed a forage-based diet…..Click link for more.
AABP Students My name is Bobbi Ann Shanks and I am a current third year veterinary student at Kansas State University in the College of Vet Med. And I am originally from Columbus, Kansas, which is in the southeast corner of the state. I’ve always been a K-State fan growing up. We’ve had a lot of family go through here both through undergrad and through Vet Med as well…..Click link for more.
Angus Report Some people don’t want to admit that they know anything about beef after the calf jumps off the trailer, but we’re always trying to follow and look at the cuts of beef and talk to people and see what is and isn’t working. (Bob) Jimmy and Jim Collins aren’t just cow people….Click link for more.
PEDV We’ve been studying the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus for almost two years right now. PED is one of the few viruses that’s been known to use feed or feed ingredients as a vehicle for transmission, whether within barns, or across barns or through a feed mill…..Click link for more.
Veterinary Feed Directive The Veterinary Feed Directive essentially puts veterinarians in charge of all medically important antibiotics that are used in the feed of food animals. The only antibiotic we use for growth promotion on a large scale is the group called the ionophores. They are not included in the medically important group…..Click link for more.
Demand for Beef Well meat demand is really an important part of the equation for cattle prices. Consumers have through the 1980’s sort of reduced their demand for the product. We saw subsequent declines in prices over those years….Click link for more.
Reducing Methane in Livestock Production Any of the methane that’s generated in the livestock production system, is actually generated by microbes in the gut of the animal and these microbes are known as methanogens. And these methanogens are taking some of the products that are provided by the breakdown of the feed in the gut…..Click link for more.
Cowboy College – Greg Henderson Good morning, well we started Beef Today’s Cowboy College, we launched it last year with the help of Dr. Dan Thomson. The first Cowboy College was in Omaha, was specifically for feedyard employees, pen riders, processing crews. ….Click link for more.
Tips for Meat Industry The meat industry is doing a great job of keeping things as safe as possible. They’re working very hard to make sure that the products consumers are buying is as safe as possible. (Travis) The beef in the United States is safe regardless whether we’re talking about conventionally raised product, whether we’re talking about organic or natural….Click link for more.
Cowboy College – Dr. Mike Apley Hi I’m Mike Apley, I’m a professor at Kansas State University and part of the Beef Cattle Institute. Today I’m pleased to be a part of the Beef Today Cattleman’s College in Wichita, Kansas. This time we’re focusing on subjects for people working with feedlots…Click link for more.
Cowboy College – Tom Noffsinger I’m Tom Noffsinger. I’m a veterinarian from southwestern Nebraska. I have a home and a ranch in Benkelman, Nebraska, and I spend most of my time in feedlots and ranches across America. It’s been absolutely an amazing experience to be involved in the Cowboy Colleges, both here in Wichita and earlier in the year in Denver….Click link for more.
KSU Beef Stocker Conf. –  Zelnate As far as for stocker operators calf health, if they’re not healthy, they’re not growing. And for a stocker operator it’s pretty critical to get those calves cleaned up, straightened out and ready to go to grass….Click link for more.
KSU Beef Stocker Conf. – Moly Manufacturing Duane, yes we were originally with the Beef Stocker Unit from the very beginning. We provided a Silencer Squeeze Chute and an overhead scale and alleyways. And actually one of our very first turret gates came in here. And that’s been about ten years ago now. And so it’s been a very successful program for us here and they’ve been a great partner to work with….Click link for more.
KSU Beef Stocker Conf. – Blue Stem For AGam in Kansas I’m Duane Toews joining you from the Kansas State University Beef Stocker Conference, a chance to catch up with Walt Fick, talking about grasses. And it’s got Blue Stem in the name, but obviously Walt, all Blue Stems are not the same.  …Click link for more.
Tena Cobb – KSF Exhibitor Yes, that’s right, we’re hoping to go to Madison, Wisconsin, to the World Dairy Expo with our beautiful girl Sterling, and see how we will do there. It’s probably the best dairy show in the whole world. And I’m a little bit intimidated by it, but I’m gonna take that chance and we’re gonna step out of our safety  …Click link for more.
Dairy Bar – KS Dairy Association Oh I tell you what, we run the Dairy Bar down here underneath the Grandstand every year and we have had a lot of people come down. I’m sure the attendance is way up for the fair this year. …Click link for more.
Southwest Dairy Farmers Yes, we’ve been running the milking demonstrations here at the Fair for the last three years. We took it over from Fort Hays State about three years ago. We’ve been doing six shows a day, educating the public on what we do on the farm and showing them how we get milk from our cows to them as a consumer….Click link for more.
Niche Marketing for Small Dairies Yea, adaption for a small family farm is kind of the key right now because the corporate farms are making more money, making it harder for the small family farms. So it’s been vital for us to find a niche. What marketing tool would work for us to be able to stay, keep the vitality going in our farm and even stay in business?…Click link for more.
Sheep Judging – KSF Oh, we had a lot of fun out here at the fair with the kids. They work a long time to get to this point and to feed these animals and work with them at home for a long period of time, to get to show day and so this was a big week for them. And it was a fun time for me. The quality was really good and the kids do a great job of showing and it’s fun to evaluate the lambs….Click link for more.
Goat Judging – KSF Duane Toews joining you with AGam in Kansas. While at the Kansas State Fair an opportunity to catch up with some of the Grand Drive judges. That being the youth program for the 4-H and FFA members who are showing their livestock here at the Kansas State Fair. ….Click link for more.
Cattle Judging – KSF Well first off I grew up showing cattle, grew up going to the 4-H circles. That’s been for me an opportunity to give back. The folks here at Kansas State Fair have been awesome. Everything’s run smoothly. Getting cattle in and out of the ring has been really easy. That part is great. ….Click link for more.
Swine Judging – KSF Duane Toews joining you with AGam in Kansas, an opportunity while at the Kansas State Fair in the Grand Drive, the Youth Show for the 4-H and FFA Livestock, a chance to catch up with the judges this year. Today we have the opportunity to catch up with Ben Bobell from Lincoln, Illinois….Click link for more.
Bud Boxes So, Bud Boxes are a really neat concept as far as I can tell. They’re named after the person Bud Williams, stockmanship expert. And Bud Williams is kind of father of the modern stockmanship movement, if you want to look at him that way. And there’s a lot of other stockmanship experts out there today. ….Click link for more.
Cattle Handling I think the first thing just kind of what I call four central truths or tenants about stockmanship as it applies to beef cattle. The first one of those would be that cattle want to see their handlers. They want to see us. A lot of times as we walk into a pen of cattle, you’ll see cattle kind of acknowledge our presence….Click link for more.
Reason for Open Cows One of the best examples is an example where in preg checking a set of cows, on the cows coming in with their third calf and older there was about 11 percent open, about 13 percent that I had called late. The young man in charge of the operation thought that was very acceptable. I did not. ….Click link for more.
Tips for Vet Students I kind of have ten things outlined to help them better integrate from veterinary medicine in the vet school into the private practice, just tips to how to get along, how to not make mistakes, just be more productive….Click link for more.
Risk Assessments for Beef Kristina Butts here with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association based in Washington, D.C., and really excited to be in Kansas this week visiting with a lot of producers. Another topic that a lot of our producers are interested in and talking about and you’ve got a lot of champions from the Kansas delegation in link for more.
Oxen Good morning, my name’s Anna Lemon. I’m from Lenexa, Kansas. But I live in Manhattan and I’m a Senior at K-State in Animal Science. These are my two oxen, Tip and then his half brother Buck. They’re both milking short horn steers. They’re 10 years old. I got my start with them at Mahaffie House in Olathe, Kansas…click link for more.
Tracy Brunner – NCBA Good morning, I’m Tracy Brunner, I’m a rancher and cattle feeder from Ramona, Kansas. I’m also a member this year of the officer team of the National Cattleman’s Beef Association currently serving as the president elect. Recently the National Cattleman’s Beef Association…click link for more.
WOTUS So, it’s really great to be traveling this week in Kansas. So, another topic of interest to NCBA’s membership, and cattle producers and land owners throughout the country for the month of August, has been the final rule out of the Environmental Protection Agency known as WOTUS,…click link for more.
Gillmore Creek Ranch Well good morning, my name’s Frank Harper. This morning we’re broadcasting here north of El Dorado at the Gilmore Creek Ranch. This is an operation, one of three ranches under the operation of Dual Creek Land and Cattle Company. My wife and I were married in 1994…click link for more.
Fungal Genetic Stock Center The Fungal Genetic Stock Center is a research resource repository and we preserve and distribute strains of filaments, fungi and yeast that are used for research and biomedicine and biofuel development, genetics in general. This collection was established in 1960 …click link for more.
Kristina Butts – Dietary Guidelines  Kristina Butts here with the National Cattleman’s Beef Association, based in Washington, D.C., and really excited to be in Kansas this week visiting with a lot of producers. So every five years two agencies come together and create an advisory committee to look at the latest nutrition and health science …click link for more.
Kristina Butts – Country of Origin So, it’s really great to be traveling this week in Kansas and one of the issues that a lot of producers are talking about and still engaged with is well-known to the cattle industry known as Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling. This has been an issue that we’ve been working against, really in Washington since the 2002 Farm Bill. …click link for more.
Jaret Moyer – KLA Good morning, this is Jaret Moyer and I’m currently serving as President of the Kansas Livestock Association. And I’m talking to you from one of our three Field Days which KLA and Kansas State co-sponsor. And we’re really excited about these and they’ve been a standard in our events that we put on each year. In fact I believe they were saying this is the 38th such meeting that KLA and Kansas State have put together …click link for more.
Dr. Dan – PAC Well, I was a consulting veterinarian in Amarillo with Cactus Feeders and that’s when I started to get to know a lot of the PAC members and their individual organizations. And then I moved to K-State and was fortunate enough when PAC first started, going to the meetings in the bank basement in Oakley.  …click link for more.
Joe Bichelmeyer – Our Town, Our Food Well, it was a discussion about supply. A lot of the folks that were in the room are direct sellers to the public through grocery stores, through their own stores. For US Foods we’re the person in between. We’re the Price Chopper to the restaurant industry in Kansas City.  …click link for more.
U.S. Foods – Our Town, Our Food Well, it was a discussion about supply. A lot of the folks that were in the room are direct sellers to the public through grocery stores, through their own stores. For US Foods we’re the person in between. We’re the Price Chopper to the restaurant industry in Kansas City.  …click link for more.
PAC – Dr. Dan Frese Well today I talked about Fatigued Cattle Syndrome and some of the events that happened, or can happen with poor cattle handling immediately prior to loading fat cattle onto a truck prior to shipment and how that generates.  …click link for more.
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 2.56.07 PMAngus Saint George’s Cemetery is off the beaten path. In fact, the directions tell you to get off I-70 at Exit 168 and drive south several miles until the road ends. The location makes it all the more surprising to find the massive limestone pyramid marking the grave of a Scotsman. The not so subtle hint to his significance is the statue of a Black Angus bull on top of the monument.
Angus Report If you’re a smaller producer and maybe you can only come up with 30,000 pounds of steers to put on a load or to contribute toward a load, and of course a standard load semi load is 50,000 pounds, the thing to do is to find somebody in the, in the vicinity, in the same county, in the same general area that you are that has similar genetics…click link for more.
PAC Dr. Kev Welcome to AGam in Kansas. We’re gathered here at Oberlin, Kansas, for our 4th Annual Production Animal Consultation Summit Meeting where we invite our feedyards, their managers, owners, crew leaders to come in and we provide a day of good, solid education. We bring in speakers literally from all over the world, as you’re about to find out. With that we’ve got Dr. Kev Sullivan here…click link for more.
Tiffany Cattle Company Well Tiffany Cattle Company has been in business for almost eight years under that title, but it’s actually been a commercial feedlot since the 1960s. My brother Shane and I are the fifth owners of the business and we had the opportunity to step in as owners in 2007. And when you think custom …click link for more.
PAC Dr. Larry Firkins This is Nels Lindberg and Dr. Larry Firkins. We’re gathered here for our 4th Annual PAC Summit at the Gateway Center where we like to bring in folks to speak and help educate our feedyards and managers and owners as well as crew members and team leaders. So with that, we’ve got Dr. Firkins here. And Dr. Firkins tell AGam in Kansas a little bit…click link for more.
Robotic Dairy Scott Hingtgen Scott Hingtgen. This is my son Cameron. I have two daughters Grace and Gabby, wife Jessica. I started milking in 1990. Hired help was gonna be an issue, so we started the robots in December of 2011. The robots run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The cow’s turning the robot here right now. This particular model uses a scale, the laser and seven days worth of history to help locate the teats…click link for more.
PAC Ted Howard I’m Ted Howard, I live at Oakley, Kansas. I work with PAC, the veterinary crew and go around to all the feedlots that we got, and try to help develop better horsemanship. The main thing we work on is have our horses really handy and relaxed. The cattle read off of what we do with our horses. Horses that are all on the muscle and too excited scares cattle..Click link for more.
PAC Tom Noffsinger and Wade Taylor I’m Tom Noffsinger, I’m a veterinarian from Benkelman, Nebraska. I’ve practiced in the beef industry and mixed animal veterinary medicine since 1973 in Benkelman. I’m Wade Taylor from Oakley, Kansas, mixed animal practice for many years. Started consulting feedyards in 1995 on a more full time basis. I grew up in western Kansas, I’ve been practicing since 1980…Click link for more.
Iowa Coalition  I’m Brian Waddingham, Executive Director of the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers. And the Coalition has now been around for a little over 11 years with the sole mission of helping Iowa’s livestock farmers exceed the rules, help find the best sites for new livestock barns and feedlots, bring the next generation back to the farm, as well as…Click link for more.
Rich Hines Summit Livestock Facilities (Rich) Feeding cattle indoors is becoming a very popular and prudent business decision and here’s why. Feeding cattle indoors is a way that producers can really be proactive in assuring the sustainability of animal agriculture in America. Feeding cattle indoors with the producers who we work with is both environmentally…Click link for more.
Angus ReportAngus Report If we are going to feed 9 billion people like we do right now 7.2 billion people, we have very intensive, efficient operations. When I went to college, it used to be 6-8 pounds of feed to get a pound of beef, but operations now do it in 3-4. We have seen fabulous efficiencies and it is done by intensive management of live stock.
Elizabeth BoyleBBQ Food Safety Hi, we’re here today to talk about barbecuing safety. It’s barbecue season so a lot of people are getting outdoors and firing up their grills for the summer season. So, there’s a few things you need to keep in mind from a food safety perspective to keep your delicious barbecue safe for everyone to enjoy.
Ric RosserRic Rosser They don’t just have a cow, put it in a field; there is work that goes along with that. They are vaccinating, they are checking to make sure they are OK, they are checking on them daily, making sure there is water. I’m sure the average person doesn’t know all of what goes into a day for a rancher.
Rodney MoxleyRodney Moxley We’re actually in the 4th year of this big project. It’s a $25 million dollar grant from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. It involves Shiga toxin producing E. coli. It’s specifically the ones that would be considered to be adulterants in beef. We actually have 16 institutions involved across the country.
Dr. DanPasture to Plate Hi there, I’m Dr. Dan from K-State and today we’re at the Pasture to Plate Tour. And it was really interesting today to interact with the chefs. This is the seventh year that we’ve done this tour. And every year’s a little bit different. And this year the focus really seemed to be on antibiotics in beef production and steroid hormones in beef production.
Mark MccullyMark McCully We are seeing cattle that are 20-30% Prime—those numbers that we really didn’t think were possible 10 years ago. We are finding they are quite possible and quite predictable and it is pretty exciting and I think the cattlemen of what might be down the road in terms of putting more quality product out there, at the same time, making a better mother cow, making cattle that have better feed efficiency.
Cheyenne MoyerCheyenne Moyer Cheyenne is a master student at Kansas State and was a counselor for the academy. She was inspired by the event to become more involved in the agriculture education field.
Ken OddeKen Odde The way I would actually describe this is clearly some of these students will ultimately become students here at Kansas State University. But I view that as a by-product of the program and certainly not the direct mission of the program. The direct mission of the program is really to provide the education and training to these young people to help them develop and help them grow and ultimately be leaders in this industry.
Molly bertzMolly Bertz Molly Bertz is from Mayview, Missouri, and even though she is from out of state, she was invited to the event at Kansas State. Other high school students from around the nation came to participate as well.
Sharon BreinerSharon Breiner Our students come in onto campus on Wednesday. They come from all over the country and we really want to give them an opportunity to get to know each other first, get to know us and welcome them here. And then we also have our students divide into small groups to work on a current events issue throughout the week and present on that at the end of the week.
BichelmeyerBichelmeyer 2 We’re back at the Bichelmeyer Meat Market. We’d been at the ranch about a year ago. Now we’re out the Meat Market, seeing where it’s all done.
Gary SeibertGary Seibert   Gary and Nina Seibert owners of Seibert Feeding in Macksville, Kansas have been farming since Gary got out of the Navy in 1970. The operation began with crops and on the livestock side a cow herd and finishing hogs. In 1995 Seibert Feeding expanded to a starter grower feedlot and today has around 6,000 head.
Kevin kolmanAngus Report Grilling If you want to master the barbecue, you need to follow four simple rules, says Grill Master Kevin Kolman. (Kolman) So in our world we have good grills. Get consistent with the grills. Get really good beef. Then we have seasoning and then we have instruction. And all four of those things if you get them together at the same time you get some really awesome results.
Curtis CapounCurtis Capoun My family owns and operates the CX Ranch near Wabaunsee County, Kansas. We have a few spring cow and calf pairs that we run year around. In addition, we start to get in stocker cattle at the beginning of January and feed them throughout the winter. When the summer grasses are ready at the beginning of May, we turn the stockers out for a 90 day grazing period, ship them towards the end of July.
Joe BichelmeyerBichelmeyer Meat Co Bichelmeyer Land and Cattle is actually an off shoot from Bichelmeyer Meats. Everything that we do at the ranch, the ultimate goal is to provide the meat company with a quality product. Something that we know the history of from start to finish and it gives us a very good comfort zone to provide our customers here at the meat company with a high quality, Angus, grain finished product.
beefing upBeefing Up Research continues to tell us that a retailer’s store image is driven by their perishables and the quality of those perishable items. So the meat department is one of the biggest perishable departments within the store and really the driver of the customer’s image of that grocery store before they even walk in the door.
Glen Tonsor MCOOL story MCOOL Story The 2014 Farm Bill required an analysis of the 2009 as well as the 2013 versions of MCOOL, Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling and that led to this study. So, ultimately USDA commissioned a team of economists, which is yours truly, Ted Schroeder as well as Joe Parcell, who’s at University of Missouri. So, the main distinction would have been, after the 2009 rule you would have had labels such as, Product of U.S. and Canada. And then after the 2013 we might have, Born in Canada, raised and slaughtered in the U.S.  grades.
Paul Clayton beef exportsAngus Report Beef exports   (Cyndee) You can’t compete on price when much of the world can produce it cheaper. That’s why quality is the mantra when U.S. beef goes global. (Clayton) In the foreign markets, of course, we are competitors with other beef countries. And our high-quality beef really diversifies, or puts us in puts us in a different spot than them. So quality grades actually are very important. It is another way in which we do market U.S. beef is under the USDA quality grades.
Anne Burkholder Heat stressin cattleHeat Stress in Cattle (Cyndee) Hot. Humid. Still. Those weather conditions can cause stress in the feedyard—for the animals, and the managers. (Burkholder) Heat stress is something we worry about a lot, but we don’t deal with very often. (Cyndee) A little planning now can help cattle feeders deal with those days later this year, says retired Nebraska Beef Extension specialist Terry Mader.
Cattle Demo at great bendCattle Demonstation at Great Bend Expo I’m Levi Ebert with Genex Cooperative, I’m the Territorial Sales Manager for Western Kansas and Colorado. We’re excited to be at the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Show. This our third year we’ve done a live AI demonstration at the Farm Show…click link to see full story.
Randy BradfordBradford Cattledogs – Great Bend Expo I’m Randy Bradford. I’m with Bradford Cattle Dogs. I’m here in Great Bend, excited to be here at the Ag and Expo. Be doing a demonstration with the cattle dogs today. Start out with some young dogs. I’ll put some very lightly started dogs on sheep and demonstrate how to start a dog…click link to see full story.
John Jaegar-confinement feeding femalesJohn Jaegar – Confinement Feeding Females  At Cattleman’s Day, John Jaegar talks about confinement feeding of breeding females. And really when we think about confinement feeding or limited feeding cattle, it’s usually in response to drought. And the drought over the last several years has really caused us to delve into that subject more and do more research projects looking at confined feeding…click link to see full story.
John GonzalezJohn Gonzalez – Grow Promoters and Beef Tenderness  At Cattleman’s Day, John Gonzalez talks about the effects of growth promoters on meat tenderness…click link to see full story.
Deb VanOverbekeAngus Report Deb VanOverbeke OSU In this segment from Certified Angus Beef and the American Angus Association, Deb VanOverbeke, Oklahoma State University, talks about how milennials are demanding beef and what that means for the cattle industry…click link to see full story.
Travis O'QuinnTravis O’Quinn – Meat Flavor and Tenderness  At Cattleman’s Day, Travis O’Quinn talks about research into flavor and tenderness going on at KSU…click link to see full story.
Keith MullKeith Mull – Stockman of the Year  Meet Keith Mull the 2015 Stockman of the Year…click link to see full story.
tyler LeonhardTyler Leonhard and Sam Capoun  At the Legacy Sale we meet Tyler Leonhard as he talks about the sale specifics and then Sam Capoun makes her AG am in Kanas debut. Sam will be working with AG am this summer….click link to see full story.
Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.46.55 PMLarry Hicks Cattle Hedging Larry Hicks with has tips for ranchers to help manage their risks….click link to see full story.
Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 2.22.11 PMDr. Jerry Woodruff at NCBA  Dr. Jerry Woodruff with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. congratulates Dr. Dan Thomson on receiving the Beef Quality Assurance Educator of the Year Award…click link to see full story.
Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 2.14.42 PMRandy Blach – CattleFax at NCBA Randy Blach with CattleFax shares current trends in the protein industry…click link to see full story.
Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.58.28 AMAaron Popelka – HSUS vs EPA  Aaron Popelka from Kansas Livestock Association talks explains the petition filed by HSUS vs EPA over confined animal feeding facilities, find out what this might mean for Kansas farmers…click link to see full story.
NCBA-Logo-FacebookDuane Toews and Kristina Butts  KFRM’s Duane Toews and National Cattle Beef Association’s Kristina Butts talk about what is going on the political front with NCBA…click link to see full story.
Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.06.31 AMDuane Towes and Jennifer Houston  KFRM’s Duane Toews visits with Jennifer Houston, Vice Chair of the Federation Division within the NCBA about their change in approach to reach Millennials…click link to see full story.
Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.19.16 AMSmart Vet Randall Tosh  At the NCBA convention in San Antonio, Randall Tosh updates on the improvements to the Smart Vet – Vet Gun, check it out…click link to see full story.
Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 1.19.29 PMKate Hall – GMO discussion  At the recent Kansas Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers conference, Kate Hall lead the discussion on GMOs…click link to see full story.
Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.17.34 AMRandy Small – Relay Cropping  Randy Small was on the presenters at the No-Till on the Plains conference talking about relay cropping…click link to see full story.
Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.19.09 AMShawn Tiffany – Cover Crops and Cattle  Shawn Tiffany talks about how he incorporates cover crops into his custom feeding operation…click link to see full story.
Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 1.45.29 PMBob Weaber – Winter Ranch Management Questions  At a recent Winter Ranch Management meeting, Bob Weaber addressed some questions with regard to AI and EPD selection…click link to see full story.
Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 1.46.52 PMJamelynn Farney – Ionophores  At a recent Winter Ranch Management meeting question and answer discussion, Jamelynn Farney response to questions regarding the use and safety of Ionophores…click link to see full story.
Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 4.54.57 PMKDA Billy Brown Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Billy Brown talks about South American cattle research and how Kansas is active in development in that market…click link to see full story.
Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 5.01.24 PMBob Weaber Replacement Heifers Bob Weaber talks about Replacement Heifers at a recent Winter Ranch Management series, including tips on helping pick the right replacements for you operation…click link to see full story.
Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 4.34.22 PMMegan Westerhold and Jamelynn Farney  AG am in Kansas attended the Winter Ranch Management seminars in Mound City Kansas, see what Megan Westerhold and Jamelynn Farney have to say about the program…click link to see full story.
WinterRanchMeetingsBob Weaber – Winter Ranch Management Meetings Bob Weaber joins us to give us details about the Winter Ranch Managment Seminar Series happening in later this month in several areas around the state…click link to see full story.
Randy Blach copyRandy Blach – Cattle-Fax   Randy Blach with Cattle-Fax talks about current market trends that reward producers for superior cattle in the Angus Report…click link to see full story.
DebbieDebbie Lyons-Blythe  Recently the Kansas Farm Bureau had their annual meeting in Manhattan, Kansas. One of the speakers was Debbie Lyons Blythe, who is big in the blog world and agriculture advocacy…click link to see full story.
TracyBrunnerTracy Brunner – National Cattleman’s Beef Association  Tracy is the National Cattleman’s Beef Association Vice President. At the KLA Convention in December him, along with several other producers are hopeful and optimistic for the future…click link to see full story.
Jeff SternbergerJeff Sternberger – Outgoing President KLA At the KLA Convention in December, Jeff Sternberger reflects back on his time as KLA President and talks about the optimistic outlook of beef in Kansas…click link to see full story.
KimStackhouseKim Stackhouse-Lawson – Sustainability Farmers and ranchers gathered in early December to attend the Annual Kansas Livestock Association Convention where topics included nutrition, saturated fats, cattle markets and retail sales…click link to see full story.
Jason WoodworthDr. Jason Woodworth  At the recent Swine Days on the campus of KSU – Dr. Jason Woodworth discussed PEDV transmission, feed science and other facets of the industry…click link to see full story.
SteveDritzDr. Steve Dritz  At the recent Swine Days on the campus of KSU – Dr. Steve Dritz discussed PEDV transmission, feed science and other facets of the industry…click link to see full story.
Joel DeRoucheyDr. Joel DeRouchey  At the recent Swine Days on the campus of KSU – Dr. Joel DeRouchey discussed PEDV transmission, feed science and other facets of the industry…click link to see full story.
JimNelssenDr Jim Nelssen  At the recent Swine Days on the campus of KSU – Dr. Jim Nelssen discussed PEDV transmission, feed science and other facets of the industry…click link to see full story.
Kelly Oliver copyKelly Oliver – The Beef Cattle Institute   The United States Department of Agriculture has awarded a $25 million dollar grant on beef safety research. The Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University is working along with other collaborators from all across the United States on this project. There are five objectives to this grant and the BCI has decided to work on Objective Five, Education and Outreach…click link to see full story.
Bruce Vincent copyBruce Vincent  We recently visited with the Kansas State University Feed Mill where research with several partners at Kansas State University is leading to the development of isolating PEDV in grain…click link to see full story.
food for thought copyFood for Thought  Established in 2010, the Food for Thought Program at Kansas State hopes to bring clarity to a world of informed consumers. Conrad Kabus introduces us to Hyatt Frobose and Kiah Gourley, learn more about the organization…click link to see full story.
Ron Graber copyRon Graber – Evaluating Feeding Sites  Kansas Radio Network’s Kate Hagans interviews K-State’s Watershed Specialist Ron Graber about how to evaluate cattle feeding sites…click link to see full story.
Joel DeRouchey copyJoel DeRouchey – New Swine Unit KSU Recently our show was invited to an open house at the ASI Swine Teaching and Research Center for the viewing of the new Swine Nursery Facility. Farm Factor spoke with Joel DeRouchey, who is happy to see the new facility come to fruition…click link to see full story.
Eric Atkinson and Dr. Mike Apley copyFDA Phase Out Antibiotics Recently our show was invited to an open house at the ASI Swine Teaching and Research Center for the viewing of the new Swine Nursery Facility. Farm Factor spoke with Joel DeRouchey, who is happy to see the new facility come to fruition…click link to see full story.
Jeff Davidson copyJeff Davidson – Solar Water Pumps & Filter Socks Jeff Davidson, a Watershed Specialist, talks about filter socks and solar powered water pumps; we learn about the best by-product in the beef business…click link to see full story.
Sandy Johnson copySandy Johnson – Reproductive Technologies Sandy Johnson, an Extension Beef Specialist, discusses the benefits of reproductive technologies…click link to see full story.
willboyerWill Boyer – Water Quality Will Boyer with K-State Research and Extension and the KWRI talks about helping livestock producers identify and solve water quality problems…click link to see full story.
Sandy Johnson webSandy Johnson – Pregnancy Testing Sandy Johnson from K-State Research and Extension talks about the importance of Preg checking your cows as a good management tool to detect Trich early…click link to see full story.
GreggHanzlicekDr. Gregg Hanzlicek – Coccidiosis Dr. Gregg Hanzlicek, a veterinarian in the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab within the College of Veterinarian Medicine. talks about coccidiosis, and if you’re not familiar with coccidiosis is, that’s a parasite, a protozo parasite that lives in the intestine of calves…click link to see full story.
Sandy Johnson copySandy Johnson – Body Condition Sandy Johnson is back discussing the importance of knowing the body conditioning score of cows at weaning, know what to look for and how to prepare those momma cows for winter conditions…click link to see full story.
Doug Spencer webDoug Spencer – Resource Inventory Doug Spencer with Natural Resources Conservation Service discusses the importance of good grazing management and the importance of developing a resource inventory to help you track your progress…click link to see full story.
Joel DeRouchey web Joel DeRouchey – Applying Manure Joel DeRouchey a Livestock specialist in the Department of Animal Sciences at K-State talks about applying manure to fields…click link to see full story.
David Kraft webDavid Kraft – Intensive Grazing David Kraft from the National Resources Conservation Service talks about Managment-intensive grazing and the Art and Science of Grazing…click link to see full story.
KC Olson webKC Olson – Matching Forage/Livestock Resources  Dr. KC Olson is at the Eastern Kansas Grazing School speaking about matching beef cattle requirements with nutritional availability in a pasture environment…click link to see full story.
Dan Moser webDr. Dan Moser – Beef Genetics  Dr. Dan Moser talks about the future of genetic evaluation in the beef cattle industry…click link to see full story.
Frank Hinkson copy Angus Report – Frank Hinkson Cyndee Campbell and Frank Hinkson talk about the importance of giving customers what they want at a price they can afford…click link to see full story.
heatstressDr. Chris Reinhardt – Heat Stress  Dr. Chris Reinhardt discusses heat stress in cattle and solutions for producers to use…click link to see full story.
poultryJennifer Geck Ott – Soybean Checkoff Project  Jennifer Geck Ott with the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council talks about their  successful partnership with Kansas Soybean Commission…click link to see full story.
bichelmeyerErnie Rodina and Joe Bichelmeyer Ernie Rodina is back at the Bichelmeyer Land & Cattle Company visiting with Joe about his low stress cattle handling techniques and how that reaps big rewards for his operation.
USMEFJohn Hinners – US Meat Export Federation  John Hinners with the US Meat Export Federation discusses how his organization helps  build profitability for red meat produces.
DanDr. Dan Thomson in Dodge City  You can’t drive through Southwest Kansas without stopping at the Dodge City sign to shoot a promo about Kansas Beef.
2i2i Feeders – Allen Kansas Mike Roth, manager at 2i Feeders tells us about backgrounding cattle and how the industry has changed.
bichelmeyer2Ernie Rodina and Joe Bichelmeyer Ernie Rodina and Joe Bichelmeyer discuss the importance of fly control and how it contributes to low stress cattle handling.