4 H Files

4hfilesAbout 4-H Files Raising good kids is a challenge, but it’s easier when you have a team of great people behind you.  AG am in Kansas created our 4-H Files to feature 4-H kids from across the state who work hard on their projects throughout the year.  If you know a 4-H member who would like to be featured, let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.
John Duckworth ‘s Ironwork Art 
I’m Ernie Rodina, the Horse Guy, and welcome to AGam in Kansas. I’m so excited to be here today with Frances and John Duckworth, dear friends of mine. You talk about cornerstones in the community, in the horse community; a living legend, we’ve got John Duckworth.
Denise Scribner, Teacher Of The Year
I’m Denise Scribner with Eisenhower High School, Goddard School District #265 out of Goddard, Kansas. We have been in our high school for a little over six years now. And I was brought over from Goddard High School where I taught there, and I had renovated the Outdoor Wildlife Learning Site
KS Foundation for AG in the Classroom Bookmark Contest Winners
This is our Calf Project, the Orphaned Calf Relief Project of southwest Kansas. This is my 4-H Club here. The 4-Leaf Clover, 4-H Club and we’re here from Meade. So far we’ve taken in about 96 calves. We have them divided among 25 different families. We try to keep about two each just so they can get the TLC
 Liz Boyle with BBQ Food Safety 
Hi. We’re here today to talk about Barbecue Food Safety. It’s barbecue season, so a lot of people are getting outdoors and firing up their grills for the summer season. There are a few things you need to keep in mind from a food safety perspective to keep your delicious barbecues safe
Day on the Farm 
My name is Megan VanGordon and I am the AG advisor and agriculture education teacher at Seaman High School in north Topeka. This is Day on the Farm. This is my third year teaching here. We’ve done it all three years and they’ve tried to do it, I know, a couple of years previous to me coming here.
 Students at Eisenhower High School in Goddard Make Ethanol
Well, I’m so excited to have you visiting today because it shows what we’re doing in our classroom and how we’re extending the science into our agricultural network here that we have around us in Goddard. We’re just so excited to be doing – I’ve been wanting to do this lab for seven years.
Orphaned Calf Relief Project
This is our Calf Project, the Orphaned Calf Relief Project of southwest Kansas. This is my 4-H Club here. The 4-Leaf Clover, 4-H Club and we’re here from Meade. So far we’ve taken in about 96 calves. We have them divided among 25 different families. We try to keep about two each just so they can get the TLC
How Consumer Trends Influence Food Trends
My name is Rodrigo Santibanez. I’m the Director of Global Food Chain Affairs at Merck Animal Health. I ‘m here with the Agricultural Council of Kansas City to talk about how consumer trends are influencing food production and animal agriculture.
Meet Blogger Janeal Yancey
My name is Janeal Yancey and I’m a blogger at momatthemeatcounter.blogspot.com. I’m a meat scientist and mom who uses social media to share with other moms and consumers about meat science
The Flat Aggie Project 
 I’m Tiffany Piatt and I’m a first grade teacher at Heller Elementary and I’ve taught first grade for six years now. I’m working to incorporate agriculture in my classroom using the Flat Aggie project and working with my partner. 
Meet 4-H’er Tyree Figge
Meet Tyree Figge, a member of Pottawatomie County Triple E 4-H Club. Tyree is 10 years old and has been showing cattle since he was 3. He has been a 4-H member for the last three years. Tyree has never heard of KGLS before until some of his friends told him about it.
Monte Selby at the Kansas Ag in the Classroom Conference
Good morning. My name is Monte Selby. I came to Salina, Kansas for the Kansas Ag in the Classroom Conference. I live in Colorado but I was a Kansas teacher, principal, and also a professor. What we’re looking at is ways to connect with kids or connect with other people
Crossroads Rodeo Bible Camp
Good morning, I am Pastor Jerry Newell from the Crossroads Cowboy Church. We’re located at the Junction of 59, 24, and Kansas 76 Highway about three miles east of Perry, Kansas. Just wanted to say good morning and welcome to Crossroads. We’re at the Equifest today and we’re promoting our Rodeo Bible Camp.
KFB Foundation for Agriculture Excellence in the Classroom
Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? For Barb McCaffree she always knew she wanted to be a teacher. Little did she know that she would be able to combine a love of teaching and her background in agriculture into her dream job at Blue Stem Elementary in Leon, Kansas.
Roast Perfect App
Not enough time and don’t know how. Those are among the top reasons beef consumers don’t roast, according to a joint survey by the Beef Checkoff and the Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®) brand……click link for more.
Kansas Foundation for Ag in the Classroom
Hi I’m Natalie Anderson, I’m the Communications Coordinator with the Kansas Foundation for Ag in the Classroom and I’m excited to be here today at our annual Art Celebration and Teacher of the Year Celebration….click link for more.
Neighbor to Neighbor Food Drive 
Delighted to kick off Kansas Agriculture Month. It is a wonderful industry that has meant so much and is so important around the world. We’re a big export state, so we export a lot of our agricultural commodities and it helps literally feed the world……click link for more.
Women Managing the Farm Conference
Welcome to this year’s Women Managing the Farm Conference. This is the 11th conference that we’ve held within the Women Managing the Farm organization. I’m Jennie Bracken, I’m one of the co-leaders for this year’s conference…..click link for more.
Summer Science Institute for Teachers
Brian McCornack, Extension Entomologist and Researcher in the Department of Entomology at Kansas State University. And I currently direct a Summer Science’s Institute for Teachers where soybean is the model system. And I think what really makes this institute particularly different is we really teach the teachers how to incorporate science into the classroom much like a scientist would….click link for more.
Kansas Foundation for Ag in the classroom – Kim Curran
How does a woman working as a Federal Meat Grader end up teaching elementary school kids? Well, Kim Curran did just that, has been teaching for 18 years now. A farming, ranch girl all her life, Curran studied Animal Science and Industry at Kansas State University and received her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture…..click link for more.
Kansas Foundation for Ag in the classroom
You can take the girl out of the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the girl. Teresa Schulze, a 5th and 6th grade teacher at Eisenhower Elementary in Norton, Kansas, always knew that she wanted to teach from a very young age. She had a natural affinity when it came to working with children, integrating agriculture into her classroom as well….click link for more.
Farm Food Tour
And we’re really excited to be here. This is actually our last day of the Farm Food Tour. We’ve been traveling across Kansas as a part of…to learn more about the agriculture industry across Kansas. This opportunity was kind of made possible, the United Soybean Board has an Animal Ag Grant….click link for more.
Bloggers Reaction to Farm Food Tour
I’m a very new blogger, so I’m super excited to go on this trip. I’m actually a transplant from New Jersey to Kansas, so visiting these farms was an amazing experience. One of the things that I realized on the first day is that all the farmers that we met throughout the entire trip were so humble…click link for more.
Bloggers Reaction to Farm Food Tour
I grew up in Los Angeles and so driving across Kansas, visiting farms has been quite the experience. I don’t have a lot of experience with agriculture so it’s really been eye opening. I also haven’t had an opinion one way or another as we’ve discussed some maybe touchy subjects…click link for more.
New Exhibit at Exploration Place
Well welcome to the newest exhibit at Exploration Place. This is a new, permanent exhibit called Kansas Kids Connect and it is for the under five set. It is a fantastic preschool learning environment and it’s set in a setting that’s all about agriculture…click link for more.
Wabaunsee County Fair 2015
Hi my name is Cara Floch and we’re here at the Wabaunsee County Fair and this is my 11th year in 4-H and my last year. I’ve done everything from photography to sheep to pigs. I brought two
wethers to the county fair this year..click link for more.
Teacher Feature Angela Black
Kelly Iverson here with Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom. And I’m here today to talk to you about sheep, goats, calves and most importantly Angela Black, the 2013 recipient of the Janet Sims Memorial Teacher of the Year Award. Black was the first ever Teacher Feature of the Month on..click link for more.
Seaman FFA – Day on the Farm megan Vangordon seaman FFA
(Megan) Hi my name is Megan VanGordon. I am the advisor of the Seaman FFA Chapter and I am super excited to be here today. We are at Seaman FFA’s Day on the Farm, where we have all the second graders in the Seaman School District come out for the day and they get to learn about all aspects of agriculture.
4H Files Eck Brothers   Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.52.44 PM
In this 4H File, Inman High School reporter Jacob Doerksen introduces us to the Eck Brothers: Parker, Jacob and Bailey.
4H Files Janae McKinney   Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 8.27.11 AM
Inman High School Reporter Austin Frank, introduces us to 4H’er Janae McKinney, find out what she likes best about her 4H experience.
4H Files Karl Riffel  Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.17.30 AM
In this 4H File, Inman High School reporter Abby Bernhardt introduces us to Karl Riffel.
4H Files Regehr Sisters Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.20.07 AM
On this week’s 4-H File Inman High School reporter Krystal Miller introduces us to the Regehr sisters. Find out what 4H means to them.
4H-Files – Katelyn Bohnenblust Katelyn Bohnenblust copy
Inman High School Reporter Abby Bernhardt introduces us to Katelyn Bohnenblust and she tells us about her 4H sheep project.
4-H Files Jase BeltzJase Beltz copy
Freddie Evans from Inman High School introduces us to 4H’er Jase Beltz from the K-State Wild Kids Club in McPherson County.
4-H Files Taylor GoeringTaylor Goering copy
4-H Files, Austin Frank from Inman High School introduces us to Taylor Goering a 4H member in K-State Wild Kids 4H club.
4-H Files Evelyn GentryEvelyn_Gentry web
4H Files, Evelyn Gentry tells us about her 4H photography project.
4-H Files Cara Robinson1451318_10152657269883431_2287224097342112466_n
4H Files, we go to the Jackson County Fair and meet Cara Robinson, 4H Program Manager.
4-H Files Aaron AllenAaron Allen copy
On 4H Files, Conrad Kabus interviews Aaron Allen, President of the Jackson County Fair Association, about their new fairgrounds.
4-H Files  Karol FykeKarol Fyke copy
Conrad Kabus is at the Pottawatomie County Fair visiting with Karol Fyke about the Livestock Contests.
Isaac Brunkow copy4-H Files  Isaac Brunkow
Conrad Kabus is at the Pottawatomie County Fair visiting with Isaac Brunkow about his experiences in 4H at the Fair.
Dean_Klahr copy4-H Farm Factor Dean Klahr
Conrad Kabus is at the Jackson County Fair visiting with Dean Klahr about his experiences in 4H and the ambassador program at the Fair.
Tristan Parks copy4-H Farm Factor Tristan Parks
Conrad Kabus is at the Jackson County Fair visiting with Tristan Parks about his experiences in 4H and the ambassador program at the Fair.
Joel Nelson copy4-Files  Joel Nelson
Conrad Kabus is at the Jackson County Fair visiting with Joel Nelson about his experiences in 4H, FFA and at the Fair.
Scott Doyle copy4-Files  Scott Doyle
Conrad Kabus is at the Jackson County Fair visiting with Scott Doyle about how 4-H prepares kids for the future.
Karol Fyke copy4-H Farm Factor Karol Fyke
Conrad Kabus is at the Jackson County Fair visiting with Karol Fyke about how 4-H prepares kids for the future.
letterlogoPlainBarton County Fair
Conrad Kabus is at the Barton County Fair talking with Charles Atkinson, Mickey Hughes and Berny Unruh about this year’s event.
Erin BaylessScreen Shot 2014-07-20 at 5.02.50 PM
Candis Meerpohl interviews 4H’r Erin Bayless at the Shawnee County Spring Show.
teaganTeagan Miller Leroy Russell interviews Teagan Miller, a member of the Rossville 4H Club.
willBlytheWill Blythe In our 4H Files, KSRE’s Leroy Russell visits with Will Blythe, a Dover 4H member.
showalterBrent Showalter Candis Meerpohl interviews 4hr Brent Showalter at the Statewide Spring Livestock Show.
joe wehnerJoe Wehner At the statewide spring Livestock Show, Joe Wehner tells us about team Purebred.