Kansas City Regional Clean Cities

(1st Male) My name is Aaron Brown. I’m with Metropolitan Energy Center and the Kansas City Regional Clean Cities Coalition. We’ve been working with the Kansas Soybean Commission for several years now and over the past three to four years we’ve really been able to make a lot of headway in the Kansas soybean market. Metropolitan Energy Center and Clean Cities promotes the uses of alternative fuels by educating consumers on the benefits thereof, and helping them overcome the barriers to adopting those fuels with the partnering of Kansas Soybean Commission and we’ve been able to do several activities. We have held some education workshops and technician trainings. We’ve also partnered with several associations to take the news to them at their state conferences and meetings. Another activity that we’ve done is Biodiesel Educational Days at a local retailer, Zarco USA, in Lawrence, Kansas, educating the consumers and discounting their biodiesel just for that day for that short time and helping them to save on alternative fuels, as well as using a domestic fuel here that’s made right here in the USA and supports jobs. (2nd Male) Hello. My name is Warren Adams-Leavitt. I’m the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Energy Center based in Kansas City. We provide staffing to the Kansas City Regional Clean Cities Coalition and more recently, are also supporting the development of the Central Kansas Clean Cities Coalition. Our purpose is to promote sustainable uses of energy, including the use of alternative fuels for vehicles and it’s in that context that we’ve become a partner of the Kansas Soybean Commission. What we would like to present to you is a multi-level education and outreach strategy for letting people know the potential and benefits of biodiesel as a form of energy and fuel and Aaron Brown, one of our staff people and the Project Coordinator for the this program will be describing that to you. (1st Male) Along with the funding from the Kansas Soybean Commission, Clean Cities and Metropolitan Energy Center has received another grant that we are working with that goes right along with the Kansas Soybean funded outreach projects. With this, we’re also holding Train the Trainer workshops where we actually educate instructors of local community colleges on biodiesels for their alternative fuel courses at their colleges. We’re also holding a codes official conference and just other educational workshops funded under those programs. We really appreciate the funding and support that Kansas Soybean Commission has provided us. We definitely see the need for educational and just busting those myths out there. As I was educating some dealerships, I walked into a John Deere dealership and I walked up to the sales person there and started talking to them about biodiesel and their response was that they didn’t want to have anything to do with it and that they didn’t want to put it in their tractors. It was really interesting because I was able to immediately come back and tell him that, Well actually the manufacturer, John Deere itself, puts its support behind biodiesel one hundred percent and they actually ship their tractors, John Deere tractors, from the manufacturer with biodiesel in the tank, so just an excellent education opportunity there and there’s several opportunities out there. So once again, we thank the Kansas Soybean Commission for the funding and support and strategic partnership that we have had for the last several years.

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