4-H Files – Cara Robinson

(Conrad) Welcome to 4H files on AG am in Kansas. Today we are at the Jackson County 4H Fair in Holton. And we caught up with Cara Robinson, Jackson County 4H Program Manager. (Cara) I’m Cara Robinson, I’m the 4H Program Manager here in Jackson County. We are at the Jackson County Fair. This will be the last fair here in town and then til we move to our new facilities. Later on tonight will be the parade and then tomorrow we finish with our round robin competition, our livestock judging and our livestock sale. (Conrad) Jackson County is very diverse, with many facets kids can do. In Jackson County we have around 300 active 4Hr’s. We have eleven 4H clubs in Jackson County. We offer a good time in 4H. The kids have a variety of projects that they bring from livestock to foods, to horticulture, gardening, you name it, it’s here. (Conrad) 4H is a great organization for kids to get involved in. (Cara) 4H provides leadership to the kids. It gives them public speaking skills it allows them to get out to see opportunities that are available past high school, career opportunities help a lot. (Conrad) There is a lot of support in the community for Jackson County 4H. (Cara) The farmers around here, the majority of them have been past 4Hr’s at one point in time in their life, so they understand the program and the good that comes out of it. (Conrad) 4H has many projects and programs kids can get involved in and it helps kids with life skills. (Cara) Communications skills is something that 4H teaches and then the leadership skills as well helps the kids learn to build self confidence. (Conrad) Jackson County 4H members are diverse and come by the dozens. It is truly a great program for youth in Jackson County. (Cara) We have a good 4H program here in Jackson County. Our kids are active. They’re active in livestock and then they are active in the family and consumer science projects as well. It’s well spread out. We have a variety of kids. We have kids that live in town, we have kids that live on the farm. So, it’s spread out. (Conrad)Thank you for watching this segment of 4H files on AG am in Kansas. For more 4H files in Jackson County or if you want to view this program again, logon to Facebook and like AG am in Kansas. Or visit us on www.agaminkansas.com

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