Ron Wilson – “Don’t Kiss a Wasp”

(Ron) Most cowboy poetry is based on true stories and unfortunately this one is a true story. It’s titled Never Kiss a Wasp. The cowboy climbed the ladder one pretty day in June to fill the diesel tanks so he could bale some hay real soon when a suddenly aroused insect came angrily buzzing by and he swatted at that bug because he thought it was a fly. He didn’t like those insects inside his personal space so he went to brush that bug off the center of his face. Then he learned with consternation that is was not a fly he had, instead it was a wasp and that wasp was fighting mad. That mean wasp’s response to his perceived hardship was to sting that poor old cowboy right smack upon the lip. The cowboy howled in sudden pain, he jumped down from the ladder while his hay crew all broke up thinking it a laughing matter. The cowboy looked for some relief, his lip began to swell. His hollered curses rose to another decibel. He went up to the house, relief to seek thereafter, but one look at his swollen lip sent his family into laughter. Dad you look like a duck his laughing son advised because the cowboy’s lip had doubled up in size. The cowboy’s garbled reply he
could not ascertain because he mumbled like a dental patient full of Novocain. In between the bouts of his family’s hilarity, his wife applied baking soda paste as her home remedy. Now the cowboy has recovered but the baling time is lost. And he always tells his son don’t every kiss a wasp! Happy Trails.

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