2016 Corn Schools – January

(Ignacio) So we are here at the last corn school, corn production schools here in Kansas. And today we are in Salina, Kansas, wrapping up a very successful week of corn schools across the state. Very successful week. We were getting all of our corn information to approximately 250 farmers plus and we are excited just to wrap up all the schools. So, the main topics that we cover in the schools and questions that we have from farmers were from production, thinking about cutting or maybe optimizing seeding rates. Thinking about next year and how we can maximize increased profits. We also talked about weed control and how we really can be more efficient using a pre and a post emergence and trying to control those weeds and make sure that we maximize yields. Some of the big topics that we talk a little bit more about, how extension is evolving here at K-State, trying to also think about new tools, support tools for farmers, my fields, and also planting and harvesting tools that farmers can keep track of weather and then trying to decide what is very good timing for planting time. A few of the topics on insect topics on disease and also for sure, as always we have economics, which was one of the big pieces of our schools. What is expected for the next coming months in terms of corn prices and how China and South America are really changing or modifying the corn market, what we are seeing for the next coming days and weeks. We also have some soybean schools and then for tomorrow we have our last soybean school will be in Marysville. So we also are expecting several soybean farmers that will be approaching us, as you see the problems in the corn versus the soybeans schools. On soybeans we also are trying to go with a similar approach but with the idea and identification of soybean that will have more very targeted topics and also we have a farmer panel. And then for next week, we will go inside of the last week of crop winter schools. Next week we are going to sorghum schools- four locations. We will start on Tuesday, February 2nd and our first school will be at Scott City. From there we are moving on Wednesday, February the 3rd to Phillipsburg, then we’ll go to Ellsworth on Thursday, February 4th and then to finalize all these nice crop winter schools, we will move to Emporia on Friday, February 5th, with the idea and goal of trying to provide a targeted and very specific information to our sorghum farmers across the state of Kansas. So, if you are looking for sorghum schools, make sure to register. We have very different options for you to go ahead and register. You can call your extension office and we will get someone for you to make sure that we get your name and registration taken care of. You can also go on line. If you go to www.agronomy.ksu.edu you will go to the eUpdates and then inside there you will find information about sorghum schools.

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