2016 Corn Schools

(Ignacio) Good morning folks. My name is Ignacio Ciampitti, I am a Cropping System Specialist at Kansas State University and today, this morning I would like to basically talk about the winter crop schools. And this is a big program that we are putting together with our extension faculty here at Kansas State University. All of the crop schools and why we keep moving those crop schools as compared with last year is because last year was a big success. Specifically we’ll go…the first school that we’ll have on the second week of January is the Corn Schools. If we take a look to the 2014 Corn Schools…in 2015 last year, that was the first year that we have the Corn Schools. We had only two locations; it was in Hesston and Atchison. And then one of the main things that we were seeing is there is a big demand for farmers and people that consult in agronomy and trying to really get more expertise and information about corn. The 2016 Corn Schools will be sponsored by Pioneer, and then the school will be on Monday, January 11th. The first school is Independence, southeast Kansas. And the goal of that school is, we’ll try to focus on specific production practices and specific topics related to southeast Kansas. One thing also, I mean again, schools will start around 9:00 o’clock in the morning, will be ending…we’ll have lunch and we’ll be ending around 2:00 p.m. And that specific school in Independence will have an invited speaker. So let’s move to another location. The second one is on Thursday, January 14th and that location is in Garden City. So we’ll be covering the southwest area of the state. And that specific school will be very specific and the target topics will be all based on the southwest area. So, we will have a specialist talking about irrigation in corn. We’ll have a specialist talking about insects and interactions with different hybrids in corn, talking about precision ag, talking about new practices or commission practices for corn and also we always have in all the presentations some marketing price, economic presentation, looking to the future and see of course, what are the expectations for the coming growing season in terms of the commodity price for this crop. We’ll finish around 2 p.m. lunch included. And then in the afternoon we will have a tour and this location the tour will be by a fuel facility. We are encouraging all the people to start registering to the schools and make sure they select this, if they are planning to go to a tour, so we can have some head counts before the time is coming. Last school in the Corn Production Schools will be on Friday, January 15th; in that case it will be in Salina. And we are trying to cover the central Kansas area. One of the nice things about these schools is that we are working together with the Great Plains Company. And Great Plains was willing and we appreciate that, to offer the location that they have at Salina. So, we will be meeting at the Great Plains Facility in the main auditorium inside of the company. We’ll have a very similar type of a school. We have also topics like planting tools, or suitable overlays for planting. Some of the speakers will be similar in some locations, but again, the topics will be very specific for each of the regions. And one of the things on this last school, is that at the end the tour will be in the factory. So, between the factory and I think it is a great opportunity for farmers, extension specialists and industry with the Corn Commission to interact and have some time that we can probably chat and discuss specific production issues that we are facing in Kansas. So this is basically a brief idea of what are the Corn Schools. More information will come in the next following weeks, so stay tuned about the E-Updates. So E-Updates are the Kansas State Agronomy Department. If you know how to reach the OC Updates go to agronomy.ksu.edu. Inside of that website you will see one tab on the right corner that is saying E-Updates. Every Friday we are posting those E-Updates. Make sure to check those updates because we will be coming with more information about how to register and there will be options to go online or call into the Extension Office. So, make sure to check those E-Updates and we’ll be sending more information about incoming details on all the Corn Schools for the second week of January.

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