2016 Ranch Management Series

(Bob) My name’s Bob Weaber and I’m a Cow/Calf Extension Specialist here at Kansas State University. I’d like to invite producers from throughout Kansas to our 2016 Winter Ranch Management Series. It will be held at five locations throughout Kansas. This year’s program is sure to offer information for producers from around the state on a variety of timely topics. Our locations this year include January 7th in Emporia, Kansas, January 20th in Concordia, January 21st in Lawrence, February 2nd in Alta Vista and February 4th in Greensburg. Our speakers for this year’s program hit on a number of topics. Our first speaker in the series this year is Dr. Travis O’Quinn. Travis is a new faculty member in our department, works in the area of meat science. And over the past year he has conducted a very interesting study that helps to explore the impact of branding on consumer satisfaction of beef products. So, something that is a little further down the value chain than many of the topics we’ve had at Winter Ranch Management before, but one that I think will help our beef producers in Kansas understand a little bit more about consumer demand and consumer satisfaction with beef products. Our second speaker or second topic rather, is on the topic of the Veterinary Feed Directive, so some new regulations that will affect producers throughout Kansas, and primarily look at the impact of that and implementation of Veterinary Feed Directives on those producers and their access to anti-microbial products. And those presentations will be given by either Dr. Dave Rethorst or Dr. Greg Hanzlicek from the College of Veterinary Medicine here at K-State. Our third speaker will be Dr. Chris Reinhardt. Chris is a nutritionist and has a wealth of experience in mineral and vitamin nutrition of beef cattle through all phases of production. And so he’ll talk about year-round mineral supplementation programs for the beef herd and have some application to both cow/calf producers as well as stocker producers throughout the state. At the Emporia location, Dr. Jaymelynn Farney will give an update on the Sunflower Supreme Heifer Program that had a very successful sale here in the last month or so down in southeast Kansas. And so, she’ll give an update on the program and some additional information on managing heifers pre-breeding. I’ll be the last speaker at all the locations and providing an update on the use of new selection tools, beef sire selection. So, over the past year or two we’ve had a dramatic change in the availability and implementation of genomics technology in the beef sector. And so we’ll talk about how that influences the EPD’s that producers use for selection and some real practical advice on how to adopt that technology and use it in your selection system. Of course the last segment of the programs, the ever popular town hall question and answers session. We’ve had great success around the state with this format, where producers can bring a question of their choosing on any topic and present it to our Extension Specialists that will be in attendance and we’ll give it our best shot to get that question answered. But a real interactive time that we’ve got planned for producers and extension specialists to interface and address those timely questions that producers might bring. To learn more about programs and locations visit ksubeef.org. That’s our Beef Extension web page here at K-State and look for the Winter Ranch Management series. At that website you’ll be able to find a statewide brochure that has all the locations and contacts for RSVP’s for each individual meeting. If you know one of the specific sites you already want to go to, there’s individual location fliers that have the contact information as well. Registration costs do vary just a little bit from site to site. And we do ask that producers RSVP by close of business a week before each conference. That way our extension faculty out of state have an opportunity to make sure we’ve got the right meal count and facility set up for each meeting.

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