2016 Soybean Growing Season Update

(Ignacio Ciampitti) We just finish discussing with what the 2016 corn growing season has leaving behind for Kansas. Let’s talk just a little bit about soybeans, okay? 2016 soybean growing season was again, for some areas of the state starting really early. When we are looking about areas northeast or east central as they start pushing for high-yielding situations. In those areas, yields are looking very favorable. We have situations and our contest winners are reporting yield numbers and they are reaching very close to 90 bushels, which really marks what the environment was showing us during the growing season. This year the environment shows very good environment in terms of temperature, very good environments in terms of precipitation. One of the main challenges that we kind of have going back to highlight in this point related to corn, was early season when soybean was planted too early on those high-yielding environments. We also faced challenges. We face challenges of saturated soil conditions, lack of emergence, problems for example of disease, early-season disease affecting the stance. Even in those situations, soybeans were able to recover. They were able really to have excellent yields for the 2016 growing season. When we move back to flowering time, July, and then we move back to what is important on the soybean, the grain filling, which is basically the last six weeks during the growing season. You will see particularly during the grain filling, conditions were excellent for the crop. Still, until today, we are around 50-70% of the area on the entire state that is still harvested. We are still seeing more comments that are going out and trying to collect the last soybean fields. In overall, when you’re looking at the last weeks on harvesting, we face some challenges in terms of work conditions slowing down. In the last week, a week and a half, the conditions were a much better so farmers are really out trying to get all that soybean harvested. Again, when we are taking a look in review for the 2016 growing season for soybeans, we will be looking for a crop that will be average, above average. We are looking for situations that I think are in the high-yielding productivity environments. We will be getting very, very close to a high record yields for this year.

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