2016 Soybean Schools

(Stu) Hi, I’m Stu Duncan, the Northeast Area Extension Specialist for Kansas State University. I’m here at the Kansas Soybean Commission reviewing our past successes with our Kansas Soybean School that we’ve held statewide in 2014 and 2015. The purpose was to get the most current, up-to-date, unbiased information to our key stakeholders, be that farmers, soybean producers number one, but also support personnel, be it industry or private or extension. The schools this year will be at Great Bend, Beloit, Overbrook and Marysville. We’ve moved them at the request of growers and the Soybean Commissioners to cover different areas. We’ve averaged at the four schools in 2014 and 2015, 315 to 320 total participants. The estimate has been at the, from the practices implemented, because we do have our producers fill out a survey that approximately half a million dollars of extra income to our farmers. At least those that have participated in the survey. And profit increases anywhere from zero to $15 dollars an acre it’s averaged. But these surveys that were answered our growers have all said, continue these. Our main topics are going to be generally production topics, your basic pest management has really moved to the front, be it weeds, diseases or insects. But we’ve also added some things in with different practices. I know this year we’ve got a grad student that is going to present at a couple of schools concerning Marestail, the extended Marestail germination period and what we can expect. We have one of our ag economists, Terry Griffin that’s going to be talking about Big Data and managing that, incorporating that into your operation. Fertility is another area that’s in very close to the forefront. To get updated information check with your eUpdate. And if you’re not on that eUpdate mailing list check with your local county extension agent. They are subscribed to these and once you’re on subscription, you can get it there. The schools are again, the last week of January. The first one will be on January 25th at Great Bend. And do get registered pre. That’s very important to us. Just planning so we have enough supplies and for the meal that is provided by, funded by your Soybean Checkoff Dollars, by the Kansas Soybean Commission.

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