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Conrad) Have you ever wondered how 4H helps kids transition from their high school path to their real life career? Well today on Farm Factor, we explore just that phenomenon. We talked with several 4H members, extension members and fair board presidents about how the 4H Fair helps kids transition from school to real life. Sirens and people cheering can be heard from blocks around in downtown Holton and that means it’s fair season for many kids in Jackson County. Anxious youngsters work tediously on their fair entries and hope for a purple ribbon. For the younger generations, they experience the thrill of learning something new. But for the older generations, they appreciate the 4H organizations and know it has helped them decide what to do with their future. Meet Dean Clare an 11-year 4H member from Holton. He enjoys his projects and expresses his passion for livestock. (Dean) I’ve been in 4H for 11 years and I’ve had alot of fun experiences. I’ve been involved in photography, cooking, swine and beef. My favorite projects so far are probably swine and beef. It really pays off if you ask me to work with animals all year and then have businesses in the community come and support us through livestock auction and it’s just really rewarding. 4H is for me and it teaches alot of life lessons that really stick with you more than just about anything will in life. (Conrad) This year has brought several projects to the fair. (Dean) This year I brought photography, cooking and then swine and beef. My favorite one this year would probably be beef because I won the grand champion steer. So, that’s probably my favorite this year. (Conrad) Dean is very involved in 4H, but not overwhelmed. A misconception in 4H is that parents and kids will be hit with a forced tidal wave of projects and events that they can’t possibly all do. Members can pick and choose their favorites and excel in a particular activity. Just like the private sector. (Dean) I always make sure that I have time to do stuff. Like, I’m not going to sign up for a whole bunch of 4H stuff if I’m not going to be able to do it. And just working ahead and making sure that you have everything done. That’s one of the things that 4H teaches you is hard work and time management because you can’t be successful in 4H if you don’t time manage. It makes you have everything organized or you’lll forget stuff and it will end up going the wrong way. (Conrad) Dean enjoys his participation in Jackson County, and considers it a great place to do 4H. (Dean) Jackson County is really unique in the fact that we have large numbers. There’s alot of people involved in 4H, more than most county fairs. It may not be the most high quality fair that there is, but we really have alot of people that respect 4H here and we have alot of support from our community, which is surprising for a county fair. And it really involves the whole community more than just the agriculture sector. (Conrad) Another misconception with 4H is that kids won’t have the opportunity to do anything else in school. This is false. Many 4H kids enjoy doing other extra curricular activities like sports, theatre, FFA, Boy Scouts, and so on. (Dean) Outside of 4H, I’m really involved in extra curricular activities at school like football and our youth organization at school. I am also involved in FFA. At home I spend alot of time on the farm and yeah… (Conrad) Thank you for watching today’s show of Farm Factor with Conrad Kabus. After the break we interview Tristan, a 4H ambassador from Jackson County about promoting 4H for a 21st century generation. So, stay tuned. We’ll have more Farm Factor after the break. Can’t get enough of Farm Factor. Log into Facebook and like our AGam in Kansas page to get more information on agriculture news. Stay tuned.

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