4-H Farm Factor Joel Nelson


(Conrad) It’s fair season and as a treat to our viewers, we decided to put on a show about 4H. Meet Joel Nelson, a 4H and FFA member from Hoyt, Kansas. His FFA program coincides with 4H and they also have many promotions throughout the year. (Joel) I am from the Jackson Heights FFA Chapter. We have a tractor drive after the school year gets over with and we invite everybody from you know, we have people from Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma come up. They come and we do a tractor drive and we drive roughly 30 miles around the country. And then we come back and we feed ’em. And we do that for one of our promotions. And then we have a booth here at the fair and we also have the float that we ride on during the parade. (Conrad) Joel lives near Hoyt and goes to school at Jackson Heights High School. (Joel) Jackson Heights is located about five miles north of Holton, right off of Highway 75. That’s where the high school is and the grade school is right next to it. (Conrad) Joel walks the line between balancing 4H and FFA throughout the year. (Joel) I balance 4H and FFA. FFA is more during the school year, there’s plenty of 4H during the school year also. But then most of the time they’re just different times of the year, so they’re alot easier to balance so you can focus on one at one time and then another at the other time. And you can do alot of similiar stuff between 4H and FFA, so you don’t have to change alot of things, they’re just really similar. So, it makes it alot easier to balance it. (Conrad) Joel also has done many activities in 4H. (Joel) In the 4H I do alot of judging as far as like livestock judging and horse judging and I’ve also done the meat judging and skill-a-thon. And then I’ve gone to alot of different spring shows and showed my sheep and goats that we show at spring shows. We go to the State Fair and show sheep and dogs there. So, we have a good time doing that. (Conrad) Joel has learned a great many lessons in 4H and it has helped him decide what he wants to do in life. (Joel) You know 4H and FFA they really help me. One of the biggest things in life is you’re making connections and getting to know people and having communication skills and here at the fair, say you like the livestock skills, livestock exhibitor, and they have a livestock sale tomorrow night. So you have to go out and promote your animal and see if you can get someone to buy your animal so you can get a premium and make some money, and help yourself later in life. It just really helps you learn alot of stuff. It gets you alot of experience. Alot of things, you see just about everything there is to see in agriculture here at the fair. From crops to animals to bunnies and booths and then all of the other exhibits that are here. (Conrad) We’ll have more after the break. Stay tuned.

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