4-H Farm Factor Scott Doyle

(Conrad) It’s fair season and as a treat to our viewers, we decided to put on a show about 4H. Meet Scott Doyle, a 4H alumni in Jackson County. His legacy is continuing 4H tradition and his family. (Scott) I’ve been involved with Jackson County 4H for about 30 years. I started 4H when I was seven, which is the beginning age for children to join a club. And some of the memorable things for me, being a cattleman and farmer, is probably showing my livestock at the fair every year. And that’s probably my favorite thing. (Conrad) Scott has children in 4H and he is very proud of the continuing tradition of 4H. (Scott) My pride and the legacy is… goes back to the way I was raised. From my grandparents, they were farmers. And my father is a farmer and we’ve always had livestock and I guess the caring for the animals, is something that we take very personal. Of course, our livelihood depends on that. So that makes it kind of a double edged sword, I guess you want to say. In the fact that we make our living doing it and it’s also something that’s near and dear to our hearts and we want to do a very humane thing for that. (Conrad) In the past year, Scott has leaped over many hurdles with regulation and agriculture, making it harder for his children to take care of animals. (Scott) A growing concern and this would be among not just 4H, it would broaden to probably everything, but there’s been alot of regulation in agriculture and it’s gotten more… it’s gotten more stringent in the recent years. And those are hurdles that…we just need to tell our story. We need to let people know that our livelihood depends on us taking care of those animals and so we’re gonna do our best to take care of them. And do the right things for the public. And I think 4H is a great program to do that and funding for 4H is, like everything else, I wouldn’t complain about it, it’s just they’ve cut funding there, just like they have everywehre else, and we make do.

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