4-H Farm Factor Tristan Parks


(Conrad) It’s fair season for many kids in Jackson County and one program in 4H is working to include as many people as possible. The 4H Ambassador Program works to ensure 4H kids get the most out of their program and promote 4H around the community. (Tristan) My name is Tristan Parks, this is my first year in the Ambassador Program And there’s only two men in the Jackson County Ambassador Program, myself and Dean Clare. And then there’s also Macy Putnam, Elizabeth Roach, Cassidy Dahl, Danica Haverkamp, Caitlin Megeson, Anna Dunne. (Conrad) It’s Wednesday afternoon at the fair and many exciting things are happening. (Tristan) Right now we are here at the exhibit hall of the Jackson County Fair. Right here sitting amongst all the photos and vegetables and projects that have been submitted. We’re getting ready for the Barnyard Olympics and tonights gonna be our fair parade and it should be a pretty fun time. Projects that I brought this year, I took a swine project and a beef project. And my swine project, I placed third in the showmanship as well as receiving champion live weight, cross bred market hog. And for my steer I received champion, main au jois (?) steer. (Conrad) The ambassadors work with several people in the community to tell the story of 4H. (Tristan) Well, the Ambassador Program, we’re the ones who go out and intermingle with not only our own district, but other districts as well. We meet with other people from different counties, see what they’re doing, see what new ideas they’re bringing into the 4H environment and we try to keep a fresh perspective on things within this organization. We try to make things…we try to keep things organized and yet fun and energetic as well. We’re the ones who oversee… in shows we assist in overseeing the shows and we help out with distributing prizes, ribbons, and trophies and such things. And we also do many… we also help with alot of fun activities. Like this afternoon we’re gonna be doing the Barnyard Olympics for some of the younger kids, which is just a little ag, a bunch of ag related games. And so we do alot of leadership roles within the 4H organization. (Conrad) The ambassadors have many mediums that they use to present to the public about what the 4H Ambassadors do. (Tristan) Well, we have a booth up at the fair. Most all of the 4H clubs have a booth, but we also have set up an ambassador booth. And we just help publicize 4H and what it is and how it’s not necessarily only an ag centered organization, however, you can do other things as well. You can do cooking, photography, stuff with your garden. It’s really a thing that anyone can do if they wanted do. (Conrad) The ambassadors also adapt their techniques to include using 21st century methods to entangle younger generations to join, such as Facebook and Twitter. (Tristan) We have a Facebook page and Twitter page. And we keep friends within… we make friends within the community. We have people follow our pages and we keep people updated on what’s going on, what activities are coming up and make sure that we can use that avenue of communication to better inform the public. (Conrad) Tristan enjoys his time in 4H and has learned he can use the skills he’s developed in 4H to help improve the community around him and jump start his career. (Tristan) 4H learn not only about the agriculture industry but you also learn alot of social skills. You interact with others, you get to know them, you learn to communicate better and you learn time management and just alot of essential things that you can use later on not just in a 4H setting. (Conrad) After the break we interview Joel Nelson, a 4Her from Jackson County about balancing his schedule between FFA and 4H. (Conrad) Can’t get enough of Farm Factor? Log into Facebook and like our AGam in Kansas page to get more information from the latest on agriculture news. Stay tuned.

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