4-H Files – Evelyn Gentry

(Evelyn) Hi. My name’s Evelyn Gentry and I’m in the Photography project. I’ve been in 4-H for four years and this is my second year in Photography. I got into Photography because I thought it was really cool to take pictures. I like walked around and saw the pictures that everybody else took and it looked pretty cool to do it, so I kind of got interested. In my first year, I was kind of a juvenile and everything. My pictures were a little blurry, but they still did okay. My second year was a lot better because I got more refined in the pictures and they were more clear and you could tell more on the pictures, so I think I did better my second year than my first year. I use a Can DLSR to take my pictures. It has more megapixels, so that’s why I use it, so it’s really easy to use. I like to shoot animals sometimes and like flowers and I like just really like live things, like more realistic types. This one I entered into the state fair. I think it was really cool because it had an American flag. You know everything’s better with the American flag. I think it was really cool because it was in the pasture and it looked kind of more realistic and very like I like the way the flag kind of waves out a little bit and it’s not just straight and I like the pole or the wooden posts in the picture. This one is of the barbed wire fence. It was taken I think in Dover. I think it was really cool because you got up close and see the kind of spikes coming out of it and I like the black and white because there’s a pond in the background, so. This one got a Purple in the county fair and I entered it in the state fair and I got a Red. So when we get judged, the judges come talk to us and they kind of help improve our photograph, maybe even get some good tips, so that’s kind of where I learned to do most of the stuff, so. This one I took at Gage Park. I think I really like this picture because it was a close up and you could really tell, you know, the bump from the flower and I liked the sunlight, how it kind of shoots into the picture. This one I think got a Purple, so I really liked just the scenery and the close up. This one I really like. It’s kind of like an old warn out barn. The paints kind of scrapping off and I like the sign, it says, “Happy Trails” and it’s kind of hard to see, but, you know, old, warn out. The thing I didn’t like about it is it’s kind of tilted, if you can tell, it’s just kind of tilted a little bit. I think that’s why I kind of placed it a little lower on this picture than I did my other pictures. This one is my little brother George. I think it’s really cute because you can see his freckles and he’s going down a slide. I like the close-up because you can see his face more. What’s really nice about 4-H is that you don’t have to live in the country to do all the projects. You can do it in the city because me and my family live in town and I still do Horse and Photography and Photography, you can do it in the country or the city. It’s good both ways, so you don’t have to take pictures of livestock. It can be towers, anything else, but if you’re interested in 4-H, you can just get ahold of your County Extension Office and then there’s a website also you can get online, so.

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