4-H Files Issac Brunkow

(Conrad) On this edition of 4H files, AGam in Kansas is currently at the Pottawatomie County Fair talking to 4H members about their projects. Meet Issac, a very involved 4H member who works hard at his county fair. (Issac) My name is Issac Brunkow, I’m from Pottawatomie County and my family lives on a farm north of Westmoreland. We raise a flock of sheep, Angus cross bred cattle and we have a couple horses. (Conrad) He is a very invovled 4H member and brings many projects to the fair. One of his main projects is vet science. (Issac) The projects I participate in- I’m in vet science, where I come up with a different project explaining something that is related to veterinary science. For example, this year,I talk about the different active ingredients in tick medication. And then I am also in sheep where I go out in my flock and I pick out a market lamb and a breeding lamb and I exhibit them here. And I also do market steers at the fair. So I go out in my Grandpa’s cattle herd and I pick whichever steer I think is gonna do the best, and I bring it, feed it and get it ready and bring it here. Some of the stuff I have done before is woodworking, and rocketry, which is aerospace where we build a rocket and shoot it off. But in addition to that, every year I have to start by breaking my animal and feeding them and deciding what ration I am gonna give ’em. (Conrad) Today we caught up with Issac while he was participating in the Livestock Skill-a-thon, a friendly activiity hosted by Karol Fyke, where members learn and compete with their animal industry knowledge. (Issac) This is the Livestock Skill-a-thon. It’s kind of a friendly competition basically. We have different feeds, breeds, equipment and different veterinary and clinical terms there at the end. And we have to go through and identify them and it’s kind of a qualifier for our county sweepstakes team, which can go on to win nationals and at Louisville. (Conrad) Many 4Hr’s struggle to balance their schedule, but successful members participate in many extracurricular activities including sports and FBLA. One activity that almost syncs with 4H is the FFA organization. Issac is also an FFA member and his chapter’s treasurer. His home chapter of Rock Creek is planning many events. (Issac) What we’ve recently done, is we’ve been planning a pond party for all of our new members. And we’re getting ready to start our fund raiser right when we get back to school. (Conrad) Issac enjoys both FFA and 4H at the Pottawatomie County Fair because it is hosted by both organizations. (Issac) Well, the nice thing about those two is that they mix together really well. Because for example this is a 4H/FFA fair where you don’t have to be in both but you can be in either one. I just happen to be in both. FFA I tie more to school, because it’s already in our schools and stuff as… it’s an ag classe and areas like that. Whereas 4H is kind of my extracurricular activity. I go out and do that after school or on weekends. (Conrad) When Issac looks back he’s really enjoyed his time in 4H and looks forward to the future. (Issac) I’m passionate about 4H. One of the main reasons I’m really passionate is my Dad used to be the 4H agent, so I didn’t really have an option if I was going to be in 4H or not. But I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to be in it, cause it has taught me to be public speaker, different leadership opportunities, and I’ve gotten to meet people across the state and nation. The county fair is the place to be in the summer and this year, AGam in Kansas is trucking out to the State Fair in Hutchinson. So, if you see us come by and say hi. Thank you for watching this segment of 4H files on AGam in Kansas. For more 4H files or if you want to view this segment again, visit us on www.agaminkansas.com. Or you can go to our Facebook page and like us for the latest in ag news. Stay tuned.

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