4-H Files Karol Fyke

(Conrad) On this edition of 4H files, AGam in Kansas is currently at the Pottawatomie County Fair talking to 4H representatives about their organization. Karol Fyke is a 4H alumni and parent who also coordinates the Pottawatomie County Livestock Skill-a-thon. (Karol) So this is Karol Fyke at the Pottawatomie County Fair and we just finished conducting the Livestock Skill-a-thon. We typically have 40-50 young people that participate in the Livestock Skill-a-thon at the Pottawatomie Couty Fair. Well, for the past several years, I think since 2009 or so, we’ve conducted a Livestock Skill-a-thon here at the Pottawatomie County Fair. And this would be similar to some of the aspects of the skill-a-thon they have at the state level at the end of August. And what it is, it deals with mostly our meat animals and information, knowledge that would be involved in care and….of livestock beef cattle, sheep, goats, pigs. And so things like breeds, feed identification, quality assurance which might involve proper injection sites, equipment that you might use in care of those animals. And so it’s just another competition that hopefully students can expand their knowledge of caring for the livestock that they exhibit at county and state and local levels. (Conrad) Karole Fyke believes that skills and different animal, agriculture trivia that the kids learn today can beneft them in the future and translate into an agriculturally based job. (Karol) So, I think how these type of knowledge and skills can transition into a professional career. You know this is some of the base knowledge that I think students or people would be expected to know in order to be able to intelligently talk about products, management, care of the livestock that they exhibit. So, it kind of goes beyond the show ring and just how an animal looks, but also just the knowledge of the industry that they’re involved in. And so I think it’s a good baseline to establish in these young people as they maybe potentially go off to college or into a career that they were going to have to know and become familiar with as they get older. (Conrad) Karole is passionate to teach youth about agriculture because she grew up on a farm and was involved in 4H and FFA. (Karol) Well, I grew up on a diversified, crop and livestock farm in eastern Iowa and was involved in 4H and FFA and went on to graduate school and now currently teaching in animal science at Kansas State University. And so involvement in livestock projects is kind of inherent from my youth and something that we want to instill in our kids. And so we have three children that exhibit beef projects and are involved at this level. I think as a 4H parent it is important to promote and to be a part of. (Conrad) Karole thinks that 4H is important for kids to be involved in because it helps them develop skills that they will use for the rest of their life. (Karol) I think 4H is vital for kids, I guess it’s another opportunity to develop additional knowledge and leadership. Involvement that I guess that they can just expand their skills in communication and knowledge and care for animals and putting projects together of all sorts of different types of areas. I just think it’s another tool that we can use to develop young people. (Conrad) Thank you for watching 4H files on AGam in Kansas. For more 4H files visit us on www.agaminkansas.com.

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