4-H Files Taylor Goering

(Austin) This is Taylor Goering. (Taylor) I am with the K-State Wild Kids 4H Club and I’ve been with them for I think eight years. I’d have to say my favorite part about showing cattle would probably be meeting the new friends and getting all the new opportunities that are available with this. Friends were showing cattle and in their livestock agriculture industry or for lifetime. (Austin) Instead of an actual sport, Taylor says that what she does is her sport. Since she is traveling so much with showing animals she is forced to be home schooled. And says that this is her first year of doing so. Taylor said that being home schooled is not so bad and that she rather enjoys being home schooled because it allows her to take her schooling with her no matter where she goes. (Taylor) I’ve been so busy, I’m gone every week, weekend and week and so we just decided it was kind of easier for school to come along with me and it’s pretty much a year around thing. It’s not like sports when they are only in one season. We’re all around. And so we always get new calves starting this time of year and we’ll work up for them for next year, so it’s always a full time job. We don’t really have a certain breed. We show anything from Angus to Charolais. Here in my string here I have pure bred Angus, pure bred Charolais, hair pure bred, Simmental, Heifer, half bred Semi. I have at home a composite Charolais steer, a short horned press steer. We pretty much show anything we can get our hands on. (Austin) Taylor says that overall 4H has taught her how to stand up and talk in front of a group of people and how to be a leader as well as how to take responsibility. This is Austin Prank reporting for AGam in Kansas. (Taylor) How you’re supposed to do things on your own. How you’re supposed to get up on your own in the morning and do all your chores and just depend on yourself and not others. You never want to depend on anybody else. You want to depend on yourself because you never know when it’s only going to be you doing…running everything so it just… probably be an independent person and responsibility and just leadership, main thing. And with 4H if you go to a job that’s one of the biggest things that they look at for a job opportunity, that’s the biggest thing.

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