4-H Files Teagan Miller

(Leroy) I am Leroy Russell from Shawnee County Extension and I am the Agriculture Agent here in Shawnee County and one of the 4Her’s that we have here today is Teagan Miller and he is from the Rossville Rustler 4H Club right Teagan? (Teagan) Yep. (Leroy) How many years have you been in 4H? (Teagan) I’ve been in 4H since I was 6 and I am 11 right now. (Leroy) I hate to say it but I can remember when you were born and I was even here when both your parents were in 4H. And lots of projects, right? (Teagan) Yea. (Leroy) What is your favorite project to do? (Teagan) Well my favorite project in 4H would probably be showing pigs. (Leroy) That even beats showing cattle? (Teagan) Yea. (Leroy) And what other projects do you have besides the livestock things? (Teagan) I do foods and arts and crafts, like Legos and I do welding. (Leroy) And what’s some of the arts and crafts things that you’ve been doing? (Teagan) Last year I built a B-2 Bomber out of Legos (Leroy) What’s some of your goals that you’ve go this year for 4H? (Teagan) This year for 4H I would like to try in all the eastern Kansas Swine Series shows, I would like to be close to the top like in showmanship, like I was last year, to get another belt buckle. (Leroy) Well you were one of the top ones today I notice in your showmanship and we’re here at the Spring Show in Shawnee County today. (Teagan) Yea, I was. (Leroy) OK and can you tell me about your community club, what are some of the things you do with the Rossville club? (Teagan) We work the concession stands here at the Fair and stuff and then we have a flower sale every year. (Leroy) And what are you doing with the money you raise from the concession stand? (Teagan) We put it toward kids going to 4H camp and stuff like that, and for flowers for next year, or new flags or something like that. (Leroy) Are you going to camp this year? (Teagan) No, I decided not to. (Leroy) You’re too busy probably with your livestock projects aren’t you? (Teagan) Yea, I am. (Leroy) And what are some goals that you have for this year for your 4H? What are some things you really want to do in all projects? (Teagan) I just want to not be nervous when I go into a show and just try to do my best. (Leroy) OK. Well, we’re glad to have you in 4H here.



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