4-H Files Will Blythe

I am Leroy Russell, I’m with K-State Research and Extension in Shawnee County. And today we have one of our 4-Hr’s here Will Blythe from the Dover 4H club. Will, how many years you been in 4H? (Will) Well, I have been in 4H ever since I was seven. But I’ve shown pigs and done all kinds of peewee things since I was three. (Leroy) I remember you’d come with big sister, didn’t you and watch the shows. You always had a good time. What are some of the things you liked the most about 4H? (Will) Well I like to show my pigs at the shows and I like the fair and getting to see how I do and everything that I’ve done. And I hope it’s always done well and it’s very fun. (Leroy) And how do you feel that 4H has helped you as a person to grow or whatever? (Will) Well, it has helped me understand livestock and it’s helped me understand when I go to eat a steak it helps me understand what the animal… what it’s coming from and where it’s coming from. (Leroy) And maybe some of the other projects… besides we have a lot of city kids in the 4H. What are some of things you do that doesn’t have to do with livestock in 4H? (Will) Well I do Legos, I build all kinds of buildings and a crane and stuff. And I do clothing where you can make clothes and dresses and shirts and everything and pillowcases. And I do foods, I like to make my brownies and cake and stuff like that. (Leroy) And do you participate in the State Fair? (Will) Yes. (Leroy) And what are some of the things you take in the State Fair? (Will) In the State Fair I take a breeding gilt most of the time and I take usually a barrow or another gilt to go into another gilt class or the barrow class. (Leroy) And what are some goals that you have on this year in 4H? (Will) I would like to be one of the top in every show I go to. And I sure would like to see my foods turn out to be what I want them to, taste good so I can have an easy snack after school that I can make by myself. (Leroy) Is one of the things you do in 4H is community club? What are some things you do with your club and the Dover 4H club? (Will) Well, we go outside and we pick up trash for the community so we don’t have to…so everybody that litters we can just pick it up and it helps the environment. And we also go out and have carols,Christmas carols and sing them to all the people in Dover, and everything and give them a basket and help them out. Just a little bit, just to get them through the winter. (Leroy) That’s good. Is one of the things you’ve got to do is do project talks at your club meetings too? (Will) Yeah, I am the Junior Vice President so it is kind of cool to come up there and talk at the front of the board where I am not used to it. (Leroy) Well, it sounds like 4-H is really fun, is that one of your favorite things? (Will) Yes it is. (Leroy) Well, we are glad to have you in 4H. (Will) Thank you.

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