4H Files Eck Brothers

(Jacob) Good morning, I’m Jacob Dirksen with Inman High School. Today we meet a family of three boys with the Country Cousins 4H Club of McPherson County, Kansas. Meet the Eck boys of Inman, Kansas. Collectively they have been involved in rocketry, cooking, photography, arts and crafts, woodworking and market hogs. The trio works together on their farm to help each other with their hogs. (Parker) Well, we all have pretty much our own little section at our farm that we take care of. I have to clean the pigs pen. I have to make sure the pigs have plenty of water and all that stuff. Bailey takes care of the pigs outside on the far side of our property and Jake takes care of the poultry. (Jacob) The boys have grown to enjoy the work leading up to showing the hogs. They have shown in the county fair, State Fair Junior Livestock Show and the American Royal Livestock Show. (Bailey) It’s fun, I like working with them and practicing and going out into the ring and doing really good. (Jacob) The boys spend many hours a week working and practicing with their animals before shows. Over the span of six years, the two eldest Bailey and Parker have picked up tips and tricks for blue ribbon results. (Bailey) Different parts of the pig has to have more meat or fat than other parts of the pig do. And also you want a pig that’s really well balanced in walking and when it turns and all that. You want it to go smoothly or not rough or anything. (Parker) Well you want to give the judge all angles or all sides of our pig. You want to walk towards him, away from him and side to side. (Jacob) Although showing hogs is enjoyable, it’s not always an easy task. (Parker) It was harder than it looked. A little confusing, but it was really fun. (Jacob) Youngest brother Jacob had to wait a couple of years, before he could join in the fun. (Jake) It was unfair cause I had to sit in the bleachers and watch ’em have fun, walking in the arena. (Jacob) All in all, the boys have learned many life lessons through their involvement in 4H. But most of all that winning isn’t everything. (Parker) It’s not about the ribbon, it’s about having fun. (Jacob) Jacob Dirksen reporting for AGam in Kansas.

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