4H Files Janae McKinney

(Austin) Good morning, I’m Austin Frank from Inman High School. In today’s 4H files we meet a 4H member from McPherson County. Meet Janae Kinney. She’s a member of the K-State Wild Kids 4H Club from McPherson. Janae’s completed many 4H projects over the years. (Janae) I’m in Dog and Leadership along with Sheep and Food Preservation. (Austin) The project type that she was working on when we talked to Janae was her Sheep project. (Janae) Usually it’s a market lamb, but at cageless you can only have males in your market classes. And I also brought two market wethers which are males that are southern so, they are all white and that’s what southerns are. (Austin) Champion the Years sheep project by selecting a market and, feeding it out and training it to show. (Janae) If you’re walking around and make sure it walks that’s the first step. And so once you set it up, you have profile which means the side look of it. Then you have the butt view which is kind of like looking at the butt and you want to make sure it has nice muscle quality. And so you want it in that rectangle, so you want those back legs a little farther, not straight but a little farther back to show off that muscle tone and that loin area. And then the front legs need to be straight and so just connect those dots into a rectangle. (Austin) Janae is also a member of the FFA. Aside from being a member of the FFA, Janae has been in 4H for 12 years and says that she has learned a lot. (Janae) It’s not necessarily the ribbon that you get means that you’re bad or good. It just means the hard work for you. So, it doesn’t matter what color the ribbon is, just it matters that you’re in the ring trying hard, doing hard work and it’s really paid off no matter what color or placing you get. It’s kind of taught me leadership, not to be afraid to go out and go for those bigger achievements. Not to just settle and go for what everybody else does. Get out of your comfort zone and kind of go for those upper achievements. So, I think everybody kind of has their own kind of hobby that they really like and mine’s 4H and FFA. (Austin) This is Austin Frank reporting for AGam in Kansas.

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