4H Files – Jase Beltz

(Freddie) Meet Jase Beltz, he’s a 7-year-old member of the K-State Wild Kids Club in McPherson County. He is a second grade student at Canton Galva and shows beef heifers for his 4-H project. Jase is a Clover in 4H but he already has a pretty impressive show resume. (Jase) I like the Beef Expo Junior Nationals and the Canton Fair. At this show he won class, division champion and grand champion. (Freddie) Aside from his success at the Kansas State Fair Jase has won many honors with another one of his heifers named Zimba. Jase has found that his heifers have different personalities and some are easier to deal with than others, especially in the show ring. (Jase) She stands still and that one just likes to fight. (Freddie) Jase takes pride in grooming his heifers and enjoys washing and feeding them. (Jase) We use soap and after we rinse that out, we get vinegar conditioner. (Freddie) Although Jase is a new 4H’r, he is already learning many life lessons through his heifer project. (Jase) You have to have a positive attitude because if you’re not acting very good, they’ll not act very good. (Freddie) This was Freddie Evans reporting for AG am in Kansas.

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