4H Files Karl Riffel

(Abby) Good morning, I’m Abby Bernhardt from Inman High School. Today we meet our 4H’r from Marion County. Meet Karl Riffle from Marion County Tampa Triple T’s 4-H Club. Riffle has one more year left in 4H and has participated in a number of 4-H projects over the years. He has shown goats, pigs and cattle and says his favorite is the pig project. Riffle says he spends a lot of time getting his animals ready for shows. (Karl) We’ll start out in the Spring, looking for ’em all and then bring ’em home, getting ’em used to the environment in the barn and go from there. (Abby) Riffle works with his animals so they can be competitive just like athletes. (Karl) Well they are an athlete. They can’t be fat. If they’re fat then they don’t wanna get out and move and they don’t want to stay out and drive as long as they possibly can. (Abby) Riffle has received a number of honors over the years and attributes his success to hard work. (Karl) Hard work does usually pay off. And you’re not always gonna win everything. So, you just gotta keep trying and keep working at it, otherwise it ain’t just gonna fall in your lap. (Abby) He believes that his time and participation in FFA and 4-H have helped him secure a spot on the Allen County Livestock Judging Team. (Karl) If it wouldn’t have been for them two, I probably wouldn’t be able to judge on the collegiate level today. (Abby) If you would like more information about Kansas 4-H, visit their website at www.kansas4h.org. I’m Abby Bernhardt for AGam in Kansas.

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