4H-Files – Katelyn Bohnenblust

(Abby) Good morning, I’m Abby Burnhardt of Inman High School. Today in our 4H file we meet Katelyn Bohnenblust from Clay County with the Countryside Crusaders 4H Club. This is Katelyn Bohnenblust from Clay Center. She’s a high school junior and has been in the Countryside Crusaders 4H Club for nine years. (Katelyn) I’ve been in 4H since I was seven, and I’m 16, so nine years. (Abby) Aside from market hogs, Bohnenblust’s main 4H project involves sheep. Some of the lambs Bohnenblust shows are home raised. (Katelyn) This one right here was home raised and she was born in January. And basically just getting her here we have to shear her. We have to work with her. Make sure she’ll sit up and walk for us. We have to feed them correctly to get them here safely. And then the day of you shear ’em, you put ’em on the trailer, you bring ’em, you make sure they’re comfortable in their new homes. And you feed ’em and water ’em and they should be good. (Amy) Bohnenblust is the youngest of four daughters and spent many years outside of the show ring watching her sisters show sheep, just waiting for it to be her turn. (Katelyn) I am the youngest of four daughters and so my oldest sister showed. And I just kind of got thrown into it and I loved it, so I’ve stayed with it. (Abby) Bohnenblust is also very active in FFA. (Katelyn) I’m a junior in high school. And I am now our chapter president, and then along with chapter president I am the north central district vice president. So, I’m getting to meet a bunch of Kansas FFA members and it has been a lot of fun. (Abby) She has learned that her 4H project helped her with her FFA projects. (Katelyn) Working with CDE’s I have to work through these projects to go and work and do well in CDE’s. (Abby) Aside from sheep, Bohnenblust has participated in 4H livestock judging, which she feels has been benefitted her in public speaking. (Katelyn) Everything with livestock judging is giving reasons and it’s helped me just to be able to speak and to be able to think on my feet. (Abby) All her years in 4H Bohnenblust has discovered the value in this youth organization. (Katelyn) You may get frustrated at times but just being able to work through it and the end result is like, totally worth it and you have of much fun in the process. (Abby) This is Abby Burnhardt for AG am in Kansas.

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