4H Files Regehr Sisters

(Krystal) Good morning, I’m Crystal Miller if Inman High School and in this week’s 4-H File we meet Brooke and Brady Regehr of McPherson County. (Brooke) Hi, mu name is Brooke Regehr. (Brady) Hi, My name is Brady Regehr and I am in the Country Cousins 4-H Club in McPherson County. (Krystal) Brooke and Brady Regehr have been part of 4-H and have been working on their geology projects for seven years. Brooke and Brady each have two rock boxes and are continually adding to them. (Brooke) I do plan to continue and hopefully until I’m done with 4-H. (Krystal) For the Regehrs, the geology project is a family affair. (Brooke) But there’s four of us and three of us have two boxes and our youngest , it was her first year, she has one. (Brady) Sisters have always done it and we always help them do their boxes. And I’ve just always liked to do it. (Brooke) You learn lot of rocks and just all the fossils and rocks and minerals. (Krystal) If you want to join 4-H, you don’t need to own animals or spend a to of money. It is a good way to learn more about life and spend time with your family. (Brady) Meeting new friends, spending time with family. (Krystal) Aside from geology, Brooke and Brady have other projects. (Brady) Flying, goats, food, art. (Krystal) Aside from their 4-H projects the two have had opportunities to do volunteer work. (Brooke) Operation Christmas Child boxes, packed with loaves and fishes and at the Senior Center in Inman. (Krystal) Krystal Miller reporting for AGam in Kansas.

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