ALS Resistant Sorghum

(Curtis) Some new technology that is on the verge of registration, OK, and that is the ALS resistant grain sorghum. Inzen Sorghum is the brand name that DuPont has applied to this sorghum. And what we’re after with this technology is to be able to come in on this special sorghum and use a herbicide post-emergence that will provide grass control. And that is new technology. We have not been able to do that. The chemistry that we’re waiting for for registration is called Zest. That will be the post-emergence product. They also have a product that we’ll use in this sorghum, pre-emergence called Lead Off. Both of those have grass activity, but Zest is the one that’s most exciting because it is a post-emergence product. We’ve looked at this for a number of years. One of the problems that we always have or can have in grain sorghum is grasses. And if we do have grasses that come through previously we have not had the opportunity to be able to manage those. And so by being able to come in and spray grasses post-emerge in fact, we hopefully will be able to clean things up. Inzen Sorghum and Zest, I think it is just another tool that we can use in certain situations to try to manage annual grasses. We’re still going to want to use pre-emerge products. Sometimes we don’t get a rain to activate that pre, so we get some grasses coming up. That will allow us to come in and spray the Zest to control the annual grasses. EPA says they’re next in the docket. So hopefully, we will have that registration before the year ends and next spring maybe there will be some limited release of varieties and the technology.

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