Angus Report

Bob) It’s all about the environment, and every other detail that comes into play when targeting profit and quality beef. For an Alabama father/son duo, that means pleasing not only their next customer, but beef consumers as well. (Jimmy Collins) Some people don’t want to admit that they know anything about beef after the calf jumps off the trailer, but we’re always trying to follow and look at the cuts of beef and talk to people and see what is and isn’t working. (Bob) Jimmy and Jim Collins aren’t just cow people, but PEOPLE people to boot. Their combined experience taught them to listen, and apply what they learn to the cattle they produce. (Jim Collins) We don’t have a market without strong consumer demand. And we realize, too, that focusing on balanced maternal traits, focusing on cattle that have the ability to convert and then looking at the genetic evaluation tools we have to be sure while we’re focusing first on those maternal traits that work in this environment being sure those calves go and work in the feed yard. (Bob) Early days focused on building the herd. Since then it’s about keeping it relevant. (Jim Collins) While other operations have gone and focused on F1 or crossbred females, by staying with straight Angus, but putting aggressive effort into watching our bloodlines very closely. Trying to outcross or use lines that complement each other very well. That has given us the most flexibility with our commercial female customers. (Bob) Their balanced program doesn’t chase outliers. It does, however, strive to be better year after year. (Jimmy Collins) It’s a matter of surviving really and truly. You’ve got to be productive and you can do what you want, but it better be successful and work for the folks who are going to be consuming the end product. (Bob) Collins Farms was recently recognized as the 2015 CAB Commercial Commitment to Excellence Award winner. I’m Bob Cervera.

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