Angus Report – Frank Hinkson

(Cyndee) Whether you’re selling a calf crop, finished cattle to a packinghouse, or a chef cooking steak for the consumer, the beef industry is built upon personal relationships. Frank Hinkson understands that, and knows his service must be just as high in quality as the Angus genetics he sells. (Hinkson) For customer service, I think that is the most important thing we can do is offer them a good product and they will want to come back and buy a good bull from us. (Cyndee) Creating that good product starts with setting a foundation based on traits customers want most, like calving ease and docility. Then, Hinkson adds superior carcass traits to create high-quality beef. (Hinkson) Cattle in the end they all wind up in the feedlot sooner or later, so you need an animal that will not only perform, but will grade and hang up a good carcass, so they need to be efficient as far as how they gain, but also the good qualities of the animal at the same time. (Cyndee) But in creating that consumer-driven product he has to remember to keep a balance among the traits. (Hinkson) I think the main thing is that we don’t really breed for the extremes in any one trait. We try to take five or six of what we call the more economically imported traits to the beef industry and say moderate birth weight, good weaning weight, we look at some carcass traits, marbling and ribeye, and docility in there as well. (Cyndee) Avoiding extremes has helped lead his operation to success, providing customers the genetics they want at a price they can afford.
(Hinkson) You have to kind of look at the total picture of things, what an animal will do is just one aspect of it. We just try to take a balanced approach to selecting for genetics. That is why we have always called our bull sales the optimal performing bull sales. You probably won’t see the top dollar sale bull in our offering, probably not even the highest marbling bull that there is, but we try to select for a number, I would say 6 or 7 very meaningful traits, as far as to the industry, to have those above average in all of those traits, maybe not dominant in one, but above average in all of the traits. So you come up with a balanced trait animal that will not only do well in all of those traits, but will perform. (Cyndee) Figuring out the right mix isn’t always easy but Hinkson is proud to breed genetics that help his customers raise high-quality Angus beef.
I’m Cyndee Campbell.

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