Animal Medical Center Annual Meeting

(Matt) Hey, I’m Dr. Matt from Animal Medical Center here in Great Bend, Kansas, here on the eve of our annual producer meeting. As you can see behind us, they’re cooking some steaks. We do this every year to try and put a good program together and bring our producers in and give them some good information. We bring professionals from all over the field. We have a lot of professionals we bring in from Kansas State, from different pharmaceutical companies. Tonight we’ve got the Assistant Secretary of Ag and we’re bringing them in to really try and give the best information we can to our producers. We feel that it’s important, especially in times like now with the Veterinary Feed Directive going on and all the different legislation to keep them up-to-date on everything that’s going on. We also try to keep them up-to-date with the new things in the industry. New pharmaceutical products and new practices that we are introducing, so it’s our way to give back to our producers for all that they give to us. (Josh) Hi, my name is Josh Roe and I have the pleasure of serving as one of the Assistant Secretaries of the Kansas Department of Agriculture. Really looking forward to being out here and talking to some great livestock producers in Barton County. A good message for all is just compounding the fact of how important the agricultural industry is to the state and thinking beyond what we produce for crops and livestock, but really looking at different sectors that have a great impact on our economy. Case in point tonight with Animal Medical Center the veterinary industry, other support industries, in the animal health sector, the very strong animal health presence here in the state. In fact if you look at the cattle slaughtering in the livestock industry in general in the state, it’s about a $24 billion dollar industry, what the annual impact is to the state’s economy. That’s within $2 billion dollars of the entire aircraft and parts manufacturing, which is a $26 billion dollar industry. That’s some good things. I know we’re not without challenges right now with a downturn in both commodity and in cattle prices, I face that day-to-day as a livestock producer myself. Through that I think as we’ve shown with other things, we’re a very resilient bunch. I’d also like to mention the great outpouring of support that we’ve seen to help those producers impacted by the wildfires in Comanche and Barber counties down there. That’s another thing the Kansas Department of Agriculture is committed to doing is making sure we are in a good space that those producers are getting all the help that they need. That’s everything from working with USDA, to…just before I came over here tonight was on the phone with Senator Robert’s and Moran’s staff and they’re reaching out wanting to know what they can do to help. Despite some challenges it’s great to see the resiliency and the determination in these producers.

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