Audra McCurdy

(Natalie) Hi I am Natalie Anderson. I’m the Communications Coordinator for the Kansas Foundation for Ag in the Classroom. And I am excited to be here at the 2015 Summer Institute for Teachers, our annual event that we work all throughout the year to prepare for. And just really excited to have 16 teachers here in Manhattan this week. And they’re doing all kinds of hands-on activities and lesson plans, focused on agriculture that they can take back to their classrooms. Today, they’re making salsa. They’ve done some things with soil erosion, a lot of plant science activities. We’re gonna focus on some animal science lesson plans and activities here this afternoon that will be really hands-on. The Summer Institute for Teachers has been going on for over 20 years. We really focus on just delivering high-impact, project-based learning activities that teachers can take back to their classroom and really get their students excited about agriculture. And using that to learn about things like science and math and social studies, the main subjects that they teach. So, it’s a great event and we look forward to it every year. (Audra) My name’s Audra McCurdy and I’m here at the Kansas Foundation for Ag in the Classroom Summer Institute. I was a student here last year and I’m excited to be back here this year to learn new lesson plans that I can use to teach my Ag Enrichment Class at Williamsburg Elementary this coming year. And I love the hands-on lesson plans and I love the opportunity to see how we can expand on the science and English and social study standards and be able to use agriculture to teach and expand those lessons in those classes. Some of my kids’ favorite lesson plans we did with the Bread in the Bag after we studied wheat. And they enjoyed making their own loaf and getting to take their loaf home. They also enjoyed the mud shakes, where you put the soil in there and you mix it and you watch it settle. And then you try to determine which type of soil it was. And then we put soil in a large kids swimming pool and we all got around and felt the different textures of the soil and worked them through our fingers. They loved that too. Some of the others they’ve enjoyed is doing our school in garden, and getting to harvest the vegetables from the garden. And we’ve been doing that a little bit this summer with our summer kids. And getting to clean up the radishes and getting to harvest the cabbage and different things we’ve been doing lately. I’m very thankful that Kansas Foundation for Ag in the Classroom has lesson plans already on their website that I can use at anytime for about any kind of a subject I want to find related to agriculture, whether it be gardening, whether it be animals, whether it be plants, the ecosystem and also the environment. And so I’ve used a lot of those lesson plans and I enjoy the fact that I can get on and I can pick and choose from those lesson plans. And also pick which parts of the lesson plan I think will adapt to my classroom better. Those lesson plans have been very helpful to me this year, to be able to implement my Ag in the Classroom Program this year.

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