BBQ Food Safety

(Elizabeth) Hi, we’re here today to talk about barbecuing safety. It’s barbecue season so a lot of people are getting outdoors and firing up their grills for the summer season. So, there’s a few things you need to keep in mind from a food safety perspective to keep your delicious barbecue safe for everyone to enjoy. There’s a few things that I’d like to mention. One would be to make sure that you don’t cross contaminate. So that when you’re handling raw meat products you need to wash your hands. And washing your hands becomes very important especially with grilling because we are taking food outside or handling door knobs, we’re handling tongs, we’re handling raw meat and poultry. One thing that some consumers think they need to do is to wash their meat before they grill it. Modern harvesting practices have washing procedures inherently associated with them. Even if you did wash it, what can result is a lot of cross contamination in your sink area, on your counters from the splattering, or the drops that aspirate from hitting the meat surface, so don’t wash your meat. Next when you marinate your products, that you marinate at refrigeration temperature, because temperature is extremely important. We want to keep foods out of the danger zone, which is from 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. To make sure that the food that you’re serving is safe when you’ve cooked it on the grill, you want to use a meat thermometer. This is an inexpensive meat thermometer that you can buy at most retail stores. I like the digital version because I like to see the actual readout on the numbers. When we use a thermometer, we want to make sure we insert the thermometer about an inch into our product. So if this is a hamburger patty, I would insert it about an inch into the patty so that I get my tip to the center and not take it from the top down, but from the side. Why do we want to take the temperature? Because we need to rely on temperature for doneness. Cook that product to 160 degrees internal temperature. We can’t rely on color. So keep your barbecue safe and enjoy your meal.

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