Beef Bacon, Schmacon

Jamie) Welcome back! Here’s the scoop on Schmacon!
(Jena McRell) Just when you thought bacon couldn’t get any better, along comes Schmacon….beef bacon. (Gwin) It’s a new way for us to utilize more of the total carcass. So what we are trying to do is we are trying to value add those lower quality or lower priced parts of the carcass. So by natural cure you are able to eliminate the nitrite from the product. So what we use is celery powder and natural cherry powder that actually cures the product and gives it the cured meat color. (Jena) In many Middle Eastern countries, Schmacon may be a readily accepted pork alternative. (Gwin) The way this will affect producers is it will increase demand for a lower priced cut. We are utilizing the plate for this which is the under belly of the animal. It’s a product that a lot of times is ground. It’s, a lot of times it just receives drop value, drop credit for ground beef. It’s doubly important because right now you’ve got an extremely high value dollar; your export market is not exactly where it needs to be right now. So this is a product that is a cut that is exported heavily and right now the export market is not there. So this is very important. (Jena) Marketing ideas and rollout plans are moving forward for the international market. Once they take off, the next focus will be domestic distribution. In the meantime, beef producers should keep an eye on quality. (Gwin) Our farmers just need to keep doing what they are doing. They are doing a great job raising product. They are doing a great job with the cattle. The numbers are going up. The supply is there for us. We need to figure out ways to help market the product for them. Ways to get the consumer to readily accept our product and our offerings. Our ranchers are unbelievably good. And they do such a good job at responding to what the economic indicators tell them to do. And absolutely right now the numbers are going up and we’re really in a good position to push this product and increase the value of what we’re putting out on the market. (Jena) The take home? Beef producers have more than one reason to get excited when they see beef bacon on the grocery store shelves. I’m Jena McRell.
(Jamie) Stay with us after the break for this week’s Kansas Farm Bureau Update.

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