Bill Shaw and The Community Foundation in Clark County, KS

(Bill Shaw) The Community Foundation was founded in 1996, and I don’t think anyone realized at the time that we’d be managing a disaster. We’ve put together an application process for everyone in Clark County that’s lost anything as a result of this fire; then we’ll look at the applications and we will distribute all the funds that come in. Everything will be distributed that we get. We’re hoping that what that will do is meet some of the void that the government programs and insurance will not meet all the needs. Nobody will be 100% fulfilled, but we hope this will help with meeting that shortfall. We’re very grateful to everyone across the country that has donated to the Community Foundation here locally. The outpour has been tremendous; we’ve had all kinds of people, corporations, companies, individuals, churches and 4-H clubs from all over the country that have supported us, both financially and otherwise. That’s greatly appreciated. We’ve had lots of volunteers, with donations of food and clothing. The 4-H building now is a central location where people have brought supplies; people can go in and get what they need. The school has hosted numerous meetings where people can go in and get advice and help financially. Red Cross has been here, FEMA has been here, we’ve really had an outpouring of support throughout the whole state. (Jenny Betschart) Being a member of the Ashland Community Foundation, since the fire affected us so heavily, I have been able to, being in on the exact way that they’re breaking things out. But I know the Ashland Community Foundation has the best interest of the community at heart. They will, that if you’re wanting to send donation, and don’t have a specific ranch or a person that you’re wanting to send it to, that is the best place to send your money to make sure your dollars go to the right people. (Bill) This is a self-help thing; we’re not sitting around waiting for the government. We’ve got cattle to feed and a fence to build. The people here are very independent, and they’re going to move forward. Hopefully, the government will give us some help. It is needed, but we’re a very independent bunch and we’re going to do what we can on our own.

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