(Jamie) Welcome back to Farm Factor. Let’s meet up with Duane and Sherry as they discuss Biodiesel and how the soybean industry is doing more for less.
(Duane) Duane Toews joining you once again on AGam in Kansas while at the Kansas Energy Conference in Topeka. Just to catch up with Sherry Seifert, a consultant working with the Kansas Soybean Commission and Kansas Soybean Association. Sherry you had a booth here at the Kansas Energy Conference promoting biodiesel and some of the things that soybeans and the soybean industry can provide on an energy front. Give us kind of an update on the message that you try to convey to those who were in attendance. (Sherry) Well most of them I try to let ’em know how important the biodiesel is because it’s a good blend to put into your diesel, keep your engine clean and it’s an economical thing to do. (Duane) We think about the soybean industry and a lot of research and development that’s gone on as far as trying to come up with alternative uses for that helps in the bottom line for growers in terms of what they get back in those dollars per bushel. (Sherry) That’s very true and the soybean is a product that the farmers grow that is very widely used in many, many, many products. (Duane) Sherry we listened to some of the speakers in hearing about efficiency, energy, trying to do less with more and conserving. Our soy growers are doing more with less as well. (Sherry) Very true, very true. Our Soybean Checkoff has put over 100 million dollars into research to do all the different things that can be done with it. And now one of the things they’re working with is railroads to see about using those, the biodiesel with operating their trains. And we found out that by doing that we can’t go straight to railroads, you’ve got to go to the manufacturer of the engines, because they maintain them and keep all that going. So, we’re working now to sell the biodiesel products to them to operate those. (Duane) Our thanks to Sherry Seifert, a consultant for the Kansas Soybean Commission, joining us at the Kansas Energy Conference in Topeka. Jamie we’ll send it back to you as we continue with AGam in Kansas, I’m Duane Toews.
(Jamie) Thanks, Duane. Next up is Jesse McCurry with the United Sorghum Checkoff Program.

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