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Stephanie) I grew up in Los Angeles and so driving across Kansas, visiting farms has been quite the experience. I don’t have a lot of experience with agriculture so it’s really been eye opening. I also haven’t had an opinion one way or another as we’ve discussed some maybe touchy subjects. I haven’t had an opinion, so I feel like I’ve been able to be pretty open-minded about the things that we’ve talked about. I’ve really enjoyed visiting each of the farms. My biggest take away has been family. That’s been a consistent theme across all the farmers, is that it all comes down to family. They want to feed their family and they want to feed families around the world. And I’ve appreciated the values and the hard work and the dedication that they’ve put into their trade, so that they can feed their family and mine. (Megan) This trip has been super great. I have enjoyed it immensely and the diversity of the farm that we’ve seen. I must say I’ve been really surprised by the stance of each of the farmers where some have a very different idea of a small farm practicing organic, non GMO, all the buzz words. And then on this side, big corporate family farms selling to bigger companies that do support GMOs and hormones and things that make production possible for our food. So, it was very interesting to see that they all support each other, whether they are on this side of the spectrum, or on this side of the spectrum was really eye opening. (Sharmin) It has been amazing to meet the farmers behind the food. They serve all over the world and it’s so important to have farmers like that. But the most thing I’ve really enjoyed is just seeing how concerned they are that they feed this to their family and then they’re feeing other families. And it’s just amazing to meet the farmers behind the food. I’ve recently moved to Wichita from Kansas City. I was on the Missouri side, so now I guess I am true Kansan, so it’s been fun to drive all over Kansas and meet the farmers and meet the people. Every bit has been just amazing and I’ve had just a great time. (Debbie) I’m really looking forward to just getting back and blogging about my experiences. In addition, I really feel like I’ve made some really good friends outside of the agriculture world. As an agriculture blogger, one of the most important things I think that we need to do is to reach outside of the agriculture community to make sure that we are speaking to people that are interested in how their food is grown. If we constantly speak to people that are also in agriculture, we’re not reaching the audience that we need to. The people that are asking questions, are the people that we really need to try to reach. So, I’ve made some really special blogging friends and I think that we will continue that relationship. And I will try to help them promote their blog, and they’ve been interested in helping me. So, it’s been a great week all around for me. (Natasha) When you come from an industry where you’re cooking you follow steps. But when you see it in the farming industry it’s different. Every single thing was methodical, well thought out. And for them to share that with me, I think it was very humbling for me. It changed a lot of my perceptions of what farming is. And some of the things that I have read and seen in media, publications, you know they’re not right. Those perceptions that I have built over time have been changed drastically coming on this trip. (Dana) I think that the end result, what really got me was at the farm today, at the dairy farm, is that my vision from what I’ve seen of farms is that they’re…you look at the dairy farms and you see these cows with their heads stuck through the gates, and they’re eating and you think that they’re stuck in those gates, and that’s where they are, that’s where they’re milked, they’re never moved, And it’s not the case. The case is they move from area to area. They’re comfortable, they’re happy. They milk them in less than 11 minutes each time. It changed my view on everything. Will I change things at home? Probably not as much. I’m very comfortable in what we do for our family. Will I change my view on farming and food production? Absolutely. And I believe that we do have to feed the world and the masses and there is a place for all types of farming.

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