Bob Weaber – Winter Ranch Meetings

(Bob) We’re excited to host the 2015 Ranch Management Series as part of our K-State Extension programming for the winter months. Those meetings will be held through the month of January at various locations around the state of Kansas. And we’ll detail those locations and dates and times in just a second. The focus of this year’s program will be “Building Better Replacement Heifers.” And so the content of the program will focus on building those replacement females from starting clear back at sire selection to build the replacement heifers and then followed by a series of tips and pointers on management practices. So development end points, and nutrition of those females, reproductive management of the heifers in terms of potential use of AI and synchronization protocols and certainly service sire selection. As in past years, we actually send out Requests for Proposals for hosting these meetings to extension specialists around the state and then we go through and in cooperation with our extension team out state pick the strategic locations that make the most sense to host the meetings and gather the largest crowds. We have a big impact in terms of reaching producers and so this year we have selected seven locations around the state for Winter Ranch Management programs. We’ll start the season off on January 6th in LaCrosse, Kansas, at LaCrosse Livestock Market. That’s an evening program, kick off sometime around 5 or 5:30. The next meeting on the other end of the state on January 8th will be in Mound City, Kansas, for an evening program. The next program will be on January 15th a mid day program, it starts about 10 a.m. in Hill City, Kansas. Followed by an evening program the same day on January 15th, evening program in Beloit, Kansas. The next meeting will be on January 27th a mid day meeting in Herington, starts about 10 a.m. and then followed that evening, at about 5:30 a meeting in Wamego, Kansas. The final session an installment of the Winter Ranch Management Seminar Series will be January 29th in Overbrook, Kansas, an evening program. The format of the Winter Ranch Management Series focused on “Building Better Replacement Heifers” will include a series of short talks given by our extension educators on a range of these best management practices for replacement females. That will take about an hour and a half of the program time. Then we’ll follow that with about a 45 minute to an hour segment of town hall questions. So, we’ll open the floor for questions from beef producers on a range of topics, it doesn’t have to be just replacement heifers. So anything that is top of mind, concern or of interest to them we will field those questions by our extension team and local extension educators to get that information in the hands of the producers that need it. So, we’ve had really good success with a series of meetings that include both a sort of educational component and then a Q&A period. Producers seem to find that very valuable and we look forward to iteracting with them. So, we’re fortunate this year to have a wide variety of hosting agents around the state. So the best way to get connected with the Winter Ranch Management Series is to visit with your local extension specialist or go to and find in our list of upcoming activities and meetings the Winter Ranch Management Series. We have a statewide brochure that details all the locations around the state through the month of January. In addition to our Winter Ranch Management Series, K-State Research and Extension will host a variety of meetings on a number of topics around Kansas through early winter. And the best way to find out about those is either visit the ksre website, so and visit our master calendar. If you’re specifically interested in beef programming, always has a list of the most informative and upcoming extension programs around the state focused on beef cattle. Again, and it will be right on the front page. So, just to highlight a number of other activities that are coming up, the 6th, 7th and 8th of January primarily in western and central Kansas, a series of calving management schools. So focusing on helping producers understand appropriate interventions for calving of replacement heifers and cows. And then followed later in the month sometime around the 17th 20th and 21st other calving management schools in the central and eastern part of the state.

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