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(Conrad) Good morning and welcome to Farm Factor on AGam in Kansas. I’m your host Conrad Kabus. On today’s show we take a look at the 50-Year Water Vision Plan proposed by the Kansas Water Office. In October of 2013 Governor Brownback issued a call to action to his administration to develop a 50-Year Water Vision Plan for the future of Kansas. Today the results of that call can be found at the second draft of the 50-Year Water Vision Plan. Owens Corning operates on fiberglass insulation that focuses on water. That’s why they were invited to the conference. (Brad) I’m Brad Casemier from Owens Corning. We’re located in Kansas City, Kansas, and we manufacture fiberglass insulation for homes and other areas. Several years ago we really began focusing on water. And it’s been a big culture change for us. Water was always seen as something that was obtainable, available, very low cost. It could be used as a band-aid. We had broken systems in place instead of recycling our old water. Sometimes it would be once per usage of water. So we started mapping water usage through our plant. Really got a true picture for how much well water and city water we were using and then we began attacking the largest areas. Our well water reduction actually from about 1.6 million gallons a day to where we are now, which is like 10,000 gallons a day. So, we’ve made huge changes in improvements there. We’ve also now started focusing more on our city water usage. We use about 165,000 gallons of city water. And we’re looking at how we can reduce
that. So, it’s been a journey. It’s a culture change for the people realizing that water isn’t something that we can just use endlessly because it is replenished but not at the rate that we’ve been using it. It’s interesting to see that culture change in the people in our plant. We’re starting to get 300-400 people on the same page. (Conrad) Owens Corning wants to be aware of the water problems in the state, and would like to inform its customers and consumers about wasting water in their lives. (Brad) Well we became aware of the vision I think, in the Governor’s Vision for Water for the Future. And I think it ties in very well because number one you become aware of the issue, you educate people on the issue, as more people realize that, hey, this is a big deal, you start changing that culture. People become interested in it. Just kind of like the energy projects I work on too, people come to me and saying, hey we see this waste of energy, or we see this waste of water and we know we’re not only paying for the water as it comes in, we’re paying for it as it goes out if it’s not a closed loop system and they realize that it’s the wrong thing to do. So, I think that ties in very well to the vision. It’s number one, education. Knowing about the water, knowing what the situation is. And what’s going to happen in the future 50 years from now if we don’t do anything about it. I think that’s a key thing is the knowledge, the education and the understanding of the situation. (Conrad) Thank you for watching today’s program of Farm Factor on AGam in Kansas. For more of Farm Factor or if you want to view this program again, visit us on or you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. So have a good day with good luck.

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