Bradford Cattledogs – Great Bend Expo

(Randy) I’m Randy Bradford. I’m with Bradford Cattle Dogs. I’m here in Great Bend, excited to be here at the Ag and Expo. Be doing a demonstration with the cattle dogs today. Start out with some young dogs. I’ll put some very lightly started dogs on sheep and demonstrate how to start a dog. And then move up with a little older dog and finish off with a finish dog, there with the sheep. And pen them and put them up and then I’ll get some cattle out and do the same thing on the cattle with about three different dogs. These dogs just are so phenomenal and such a great help. that they can, you know, I’m not running down cowboys at all, these dogs can do twice as much as two or three cowboys can do. They’re just a tremendous help on the ranch and the farms. And you don’t have to be a humongous rancher to have dogs. If you just got a few head, they’re just so phenomenal that they can help out. At home basically all I do is open gates, the dogs do all the work but you know you’ve got to dog break your cattle. And ours is really dog broke. And I’ve got a buddy that runs about 400 head and we use dogs on them constantly, all the time. And we never use four wheelers. Occasionally we use horses, but mostly the dogs do all the work. And a lot of people do use dogs on fresh cattle. And on the feedlots you’re turning over a lot of fresh cattle. But most dogs are aggressive enough that they can handle fresh cattle. But in big herds is where it’s… when you’ve got to really dog break your cattle. When you’ve got one of two that you’re moving, you know, down the feedlot or the yard and you’re putting them in separate pens and that sort of thing, the dog keeps the cowboy from having to go all the way down to open the gate. He can stand there and you can send that dog with that cow to go to whatever pen you want. You can sort ’em off so much easier with a dog then you can a person or a cowboy. You can go to and we have a list of dogs for sale or dogs, using dogs. We have pictures of our females and our males and our bloodline, and pedigrees and so forth.

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