Brett Neibling and the DuPont Young Leaders Program

(Brett Neibling) I’m Brett Neibling from Highland, Kansas and I was recently honored by the Kansas Soybean Association as their DuPont Young Leader. The DuPont Young Leaders Program is an organization that strives to build future farmer leaders. It’s co-sponsored by the American Soybean Association and DuPont. I’m a sixth-generation farmer from Highland in the northeast corner of the state. I took the long-winding road to agriculture. I actually did a lot of things from a lot of different areas, worked in sales and marketing and was actually a teacher for a while and one day when I was sitting in a classroom grading papers, looking out the window wanting to be back on the farm, my dad called and said, “We have a place for you.” So I got out the door as fast as I could and haven’t looked back since. The DuPont Young Leaders Program has been amazing to develop my leadership skills. It’s been a great opportunity to work on communication. I feel as farmer leaders, we need to be able to communicate our message and I think the program has been excellent in producing that for me. Well, we just completed our first phase in the DuPont Young Leaders Program up in Des Moines. We toured the DuPont headquarters in Johnston, Iowa and we spent a lot of time learning about DuPont and what they’ve done for agriculture and we’ve done a lot with working our communication skills, actually working and talking with the media is one of our major points we’ve stressed so far. As a DuPont Young Leader, I have the opportunity not only to develop skills but we actually get an opportunity to test our skills and I will actually be able to serve on the Kansas Soybean Association’s Board of Directors. It’s been said that if you’re not putting out your own message, somebody else will. And I think it’s necessary for us, as farmer leaders, to get out and put our message forward and let people know what we are doing.

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