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(Conrad) Good morning and welcome to Farm Factor on AGam in Kansas. I’m your host Conrad Kabus. Kansas State University Research and Extension offers producers the opportunity to use the newest in ag technology. A series of soybean schools were offered in February of 2015 to provide in-depth training targeted for soybean producers from the Kansas State Research and Extension side and other professionals that were giving workshops. (Brian) So we are at the soybean schools today to talk about a new web based decision support system that we’re launching here at Kansas State Research and Extension It’s site. This used to be the We have no branched into multi commodities, one of which is soybean which we’re presenting here at the soybean schools. In a break out session we’re gonna be working with hopefully future clientele that we’ll be working with and hopefully walking them through some of the futures that we have currently available, like the variety support system. It doesn’t include soybean right now, but like I said this is an expanding system to include multiple crops, multiple commodities, soybean being a primary focus. Being an entomologist, one of the features that we’re including is a build your own field guide. So we have decision support tools that are mostly pdf based, paper based, management guides. And what we’ve done is allowed the user to kind of customize their experience with the extension information. So, they go in and find a pest that they want and click, “add to my field guide” and then they’ve got a customized experience on the side. So those are the tools that we’re working with our clientele today. (Conrad) So many farmers are plagued with managing insects, mites, nematodes, weeds and disease pests. So, myFields has searchable data including photographs and videos with a wide variety of locations that farmers can log in from to access information on pest and weeds attacking their operation. This information can help producers learn more about pests that are attacking their crops on a daily basis. (Brian) So one of the other major features of the site is providing the user an opportunity to create their own preferences. So, what state, what country they’re from, what crops their interested in. What that allows us to do is push information that’s really specific to that user when and where they are. I think that’s one of the unique advantages that we have with the myField site is that it’s not just a place for information, resides, but it’s really a way in which we’re delivering that information to interested users. So again, going back to the arthropod guide, we don’t give you every pest that we know is important to Kansas, instead we let you pick and choose the pests that are important to you. And because of that, if their alert set… again, the alert system that we’re working on for myFields, once that’s in place it gives us an opportunity to actually send information that is specific to the pest that you’re interested in. So, if there is a farm or an outbreak in your area that’s something that you’ve selected in your field guide, we can actually push an alert to you. Again, that’s talking more about future features of the site, which is why we’re here workshopping with potential stakeholders. We want to get that feedback. We want to build a resource that our clientele will use. So, we’re excited to kind of done all the myFields site today. And to check it out yourself you can go to and create an account today.

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