Brow Recluse Spider

(Holly) The Brown Recluse Spider is common not only in homes, but also in outbuildings, sheds, anywhere that is a dark, undisturbed area. They particularly like to get inside of cardboard boxes, burlap sacks, areas like that. They hide down in there and do very well. The Brown Recluse Spider is not at all aggressive. They’re very shy. Usually their first reaction is to try and get away from us as quickly and easily as possible. However, in some situations when you’re moving materials around and you may accidentally crush a spider or they can’t escape from you, that’s when bites may tend to occur. A lot of us will tend to store our winter gear in the shed-our coveralls, jackets, gloves, boots. If they’re left set all summer long, make sure you shake those out well before you put them on again. It’s a great place for those spiders to crawl in and hide and an opportunity to accidentally come into contact with the Brown Recluse Spider. The Brown Recluse Spider is an active hunter, which means it roams around in search of its food. They’re nocturnal, so they’re most active at night. During daylight hours they tend to hide in their burrows. Brown Recluse Spiders do not spin webs, so if you walk into one of those spider webs you know that’s for sure not created by the Brown Recluse Spider. As you can see here, they are very various shades of brown from a very light creamy brown. Probably the most characteristic sign that we look for is the fiddle, which is how they also got their other common name, the Fiddleback Spider. If you look at the cephalothorax, or the head region, you can see this darker violin shaping. Brown Recluse control can be rather difficult. General use insecticides, labeled for Brown Recluse Spiders, will work well if it’s sprayed directly on the spiders or if they walk across the damp surface that has just been sprayed. If you’re concerned that you may have Brown Recluse Spiders in either your home or an outbuilding or any sort of dwelling, they make sticky traps that are available at any home and garden store. You can place these around in out-of-the way places and check them weekly or biweekly, easy to see whether or not you have trapped any Brown Recluse Spiders.

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