Bryan Ratzburn, a Cattle Producer Committed to Quality

(Jamie) Welcome back! Now meet a cattle producer committed to quality.
(Bob Cervera) Bryan Ratzburg started out as a commercial Angus rancher. That set his course when he decided to get into the registered business. (Bryan Ratzburg) We run quite a few commercial cows, and part of our program is we want consistency phenotypically and genotypically. I put a lot of emphasis on the maternal side too because of my commercial cowherd. You can see it when you come through and see the bred females we offer for sale. It’s pretty large groups and they’re pretty consistent all the way through, very feminine and a lot of capacity in their body. They develop into nice mature cows. (Bob) But as times changed, the producer began to add to those selection criteria. (Ratzburg) We were strongly emphasizing our maternal side and now we’re really starting to pay attention to our carcass traits. We know it’s very important because we sell a lot of commercial steers, every year. (Bob) Ratzburg won’t buy a herd sire unless it’s backed by genomics data. It’s one way to ensure accuracy and parentage. (Ratzburg) There’s too many benefits for us, and too many risks if we buy one without the 50K. You can buy one and their numbers will change on you if you don’t have the 50K, and you buy one and send it in, you may not have what you thought you had. Or you may have more than what you thought you had. It’s just a gamble that way. So we like to pay attention to those things. (Bob) He chose the Angus breed, because of its versatility and adaptability to his northern Montana climate. (Ratzburg) They’re functional cattle. They live in a harsh environment up here. We can go from 100 degrees in the summer time to, I’ve seen it as cold as 90 below wind chills up here. They survive, they reproduce, and they give us a good product in the end. (Bob) I’m Bob Cervera.
(Jamie) Stay with us for this week’s Plain Talk episode with Kyle and Duane Toews.

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