Bud Boxes

(Conrad) Welcome back. We finish Farm Factor with an extension specialist from Garden City named Justin Waggoner. (Justin) So, Bud Boxes are a really neat concept as far as I can tell. They’re named after the person Bud Williams, stockmanship expert. And Bud Williams is kind of father of the modern stockmanship movement, if you want to look at him that way. And there’s a lot of other stockmanship experts out there today. They’re kind of practicing what I call variations of what Bud Williams taught us about handling cattle and livestock. And essentially what it is is it’s an alley where the cattle are going to come in. It’s got an open, really a dead end that’s just an open fence at the end where the cattle come in and then the load out or the chute is usually typically set at a right angle, closer to where the gate is at the end. And so the cattle are going to come in , find that they can’t go forward any further, typically cattle want to turn around at that point. So as we bring a set of cattle into a Bud Box, if we pause as we shut that gate on the end, those cattle are going to slowly turn around and if the cattle handler walks, basically just perpendicular along the opposite site of the fence where the cattle…either opposite to the load out or the alleyway up into the chute, the cattle will actually flow past and around the handler to go up in to either the alleyway or the chute or into the load out. In terms of just general layout, they’re square corners. We don’t have kind of those flowing arches that we would have in a circular type tub facility or something like that, so they’re very conducive for producers. I’ve seen folks in the country build ’em out of a set of portable panels and all the way to some elaborate systems that are being in feedyards today. For more of Farm Factor, or if you want to view this program again, visit us on www.agaminkansas.com. Or you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. So have a good day with good luck.

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