Bureau of Land Management Mustangs

(Dexter) Hi, I’m Dexter Hedrick. I’m the manager of the Horse Program of Hutchinson Kansas Prison. Our program has been in existence for a little over 15 years now. What we do is we take the BLM Mustangs that are gathered from the western states. We gentle them and train them so they are more adoptable to the general public. These horses, if they didn’t gather, would overpopulate and basically run out of food to eat and wouldn’t survive. This is an effort to make sure that the Wild Mustangs don’t disappear for the west. The whole issue started back in the1960’s and 70’s and there was a lot of political unrest because the Mustangs were not being treated very well. There were people that were gathering them and taking them to killer plants, there were cruel methods used and so on. There was a big campaign to change that. There was a Federal law passed in 1971 to protect these animals and we’re a result of those protections trying to find homes for these so they’re not a continual burden on the taxpayers. Our program specializes in a lot of different things; we do a lot of different things. I think we’re the only prison program that teaches horses to drive. We are a major supplier to the US Border Patrol. We’ve got over 65, I’m not sure the exact number of horses down on the Mexican border helping to patrol that border and keep America safe. There’s a lot of interest and a lot of nostalgia interest in the mustangs. We’re here at a show in Salina, Kansas today. We’re showing off mustangs and then we just continually to get more and more people interested but we could use more. Our program is very successful, successful enough that we have a waiting list, but if you’re interested in adopting a mustang from us, you can get an application approved and get on that list. We’re probably about eight, nine months out as far as being able to supply a mustang if you signed up today. You can go to www.blm.gov to get the application. If you want to adopt from us, it’s best to send that to the Oklahoma Field Office to get that completed. Once you’ve done that, then you can call me in Hutchinson and I’ll put you on the waiting list and we’ll work hard trying to get down to your name.

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