Cal Noyons with Horse Training Help

(Cal Noyons) My name is Cal Noyons. My wife and I have C Lazy S Ranch located in Melvern, Kansas. We start colts and try to help people with their horses. I guess what we try to accomplish is to let people recognize that horsemanship doesn’t have to be tough. You can get a lot done with a horse if you try to do things in a way that he understands. And then they have the opportunity at the relationship that they want with their horses. We really enjoy seeing people achieve the goals that they’re trying to achieve, and we like to start colts and put foundation on them, try to make them where they could go on and do any discipline. We’re a family owned and operated outfit. Our kids are both active with my wife and I. Again, we really like to keep things family orientated, that’s the one thing that we’ve always appreciated about the ranching lifestyle is that it truly is family orientated. We do a few horsemanship clinics there at the house, and what we try to let people understand is a lot of the responsibility with their horse is them. It’s not just the horse that needs taught. We do a lot of body control clinics. And when we do body control clinics, it’s not always the horse’s body that we’re worried about controlling. It’s for us, as people and riders, to recognize that our bodies are a big part of what the horse does and how he does it. It just lets people recognize that some of the responsibilities out there is theirs as well, and it’s not all in the horse. We really try to maybe open people’s insight to what the horse thinks and feels, and maybe some ways that they can get along with him a little better by maybe operating on his terms. If they wanted to get hold of us, they could sure enough call the house or one of our cell phones. We don’t have any websites or anything like that per se. We’re not too techno-savvy but we’d sure appreciate and enjoy trying to help anybody that we could.

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