Cattle Demonstation at Great Bend Expo

(Levi) I’m Levi Ebert with Genex Cooperative, I’m the Territorial Sales Manager for Western Kansas and Colorado. We’re excited to be at the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Show. This our third year we’ve done a live AI demonstration at the Farm Show. You don’t get the chance to see this very often. The reason we do this is a lot of people are…that I talk to are scared to do AI because of labor or the cost and we’ve set this up to show everybody on kind of a smaller scale of how this works and how easy it can be so that we can implement this into their operations. You know, there’s so many things that are involved with AI. Genetics is just one piece of it, but the actual physical labor of actually doing it is what scares a lot of people off and that’s what we’re here to show everybody how easy this can be. What you’re seeing here behind us is our portable breeding barn. And with a Rawhide Corral sitting around it, this is something… we breed almost all the cattle through the portable AI barn. It’s a low stress handling situation and we found that by using these breeding barns and keeping the stress low on these cattle that our conception rates are a lot better. And with the portability of it we can bring it to anybody’s place and set it up as long as we’ve got room to get it in and even if you don’t have room to get it in, we do have a portable corral that we can bring and work with you on. We can set up on wheat pasture in the middle of the pasture or just tie right into your facility that you already have with our portable system. This deals been extremely successful for us. We’ve teamed up with Rawhide Corrals and Zoetis Animal Health to make this deal go. We’ve very thankful for them and feel free to contact me at any time if you’re interested in any of this. You can look us up at or feel free to give me a call at 785-656- 1432. And if you’re not in my area, go ahead and give me a call I’ll get you set up with the guy that is. (Ethan) Hi, I’m Ethan McDonald with Rawhide Portable Corrals and I’m just anxious and excited to be here today and all this week. We’ve provided the portable corrals for the live demonstrations. Earlier this week they’ve done the live cattle dog demos with some cattle here. And then today we were doing chute side demonstration with Genex and just anxious to have a corral here and show people how easy it is to go to your cattle and do this kind of stuff and not have to worry about going all the way home or having a big operation. My father invented the Rawhide Portable Corral 14 years ago. And we actually raise rodeo livestock. We raise bucking bulls and we raise the cows as well, so we’ve absolutely put the system to test to make sure it’s durable and going to withstand the abuse that you can put when you’re working cattle. And it’s kind of a deal that… it’s interesting cause it’s a little different situation with the rodeo livestock but we’ve continued to come up with a better corral it seems every year and add things that are more user friendly and help the customers and the farmer and rancher out there. We’re located in Abilene, Kansas. And we just have a wide spread across the nation, but definitely in the state of Kansas as well. We have corrals all over and we’re very proud of being able to drive down a highway and see one of your corrals in a pasture and knowing that you helped service that customer and take care of their needs. If you want to reach us, you can go to the website Or if you’re ever driving through Abilene, Kansas, we’re right on I-70. You can always stop in. We’ve got systems there and we can show and do demos and show people all the different options we have.

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