Cattle Drive in Buhler

(Jeff) Back in July last year, the American Hereford Association Field Rep had stopped by and looked at our cattle during the summer and we’re walking through a pasture and looking at these bulls, some of them that are actually behind us here, and he picked one out and said, “You know that looks like he’s going to be a really good bull and ought to sell well.” And that’s when I made the comment, “If I can get people to my place, then usually 85-90 percent of the time, I’ll make a sale.” I said, “The hard part is getting people to know you if you’re a small time producer.” We raise 5-15 bulls a year is what we market. He told me about an event in Valentine, Nebraska, that they hold where they shut down Main Street and they bring in about 50 pens of bulls. And I thought about that and I thought if they can do that in Valentine, Nebraska, why can’t we do that down here? And I’m on the Reno County Cattlemen’s Association Board and I decided we needed to have a meeting. Darren Busick who sits on our board and is also the Reno County Extension agent, about a week later he goes, “I am going to contact some people. I think we can make this work.” And within a month we had a location. From there Darren just made it grow. He turned it just from a place for small seed stock producers like myself to display our cattle. He has turned it into an educational event for the consumer, the rancher, for anybody. (Darren) I’m really excited with the first year. I feel like it can really grow the next couple of years and become bigger. It’s great to see all these kids and families from Buhler and from the Hutch area too, that are seeing agriculture up close and learning about agriculture. (Male) Pull! There you go. Good job! (Darren) The Buhler FFA is joining with us and they’re doing a fund raiser where kids can go in and color and they can learn about a cow’s stomach, and they can learn about how things work, what cows eat. (Greg) I think it’s important. I’m glad they did it and I hope it continues. And the Extension Service does a tremendous job, but this gives us a chance to interact. I think it’s a great event.

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