Cheyenne Moyer

(Conrad) Good morning and welcome to Farm Factor on AGam in Kansas. I’m your host, Conrad Kabus. Students from across the country with an interest in the livestock industry and related careers visited Kansas State University’s Animal Science Leadership Academy. Cheyenne is a master student at Kansas State and was a counselor for the academy. She was inspired by the event to become more involved in the agriculture education field. (Cheyenne) Last year I was approached by Sharon Breiner to be a KSASLA counselor at the Kansas Animal Science Leadership Academy. After my KSASLA experience, I went home and had an internship with an animal science company. I’m an animal science major and so I thought that it would be a great way for me to discover some other career paths that I haven’t thought of before. I actually went to the company and had an internship and didn’t have enough people involvement for my liking and I absolutely loved my KSASLA experience, so because of that, I came back to K-State in the fall of my Senior year and decided that I wanted to get a Master’s in Ag Education. (Conrad) The academy was an intensive four-day educational experience designed to enhance leadership skills and animal science knowledge of students in 9th through 12th grades. (Cheyenne) As a KSASLA counselor I more so see myself not as a facilitator of workshops, but more of a person that leads by example. And through that I’ve been able to watch the kids really grow because I feel like as a facilitator you kind of get away from actually watching what the program is doing. When you’re in the middle of it, you really get to experience it with them. Through K-State I was on the livestock judging team and so I learned a lot about prepared speaking and extemporaneous speaking as well. Just public speaking in general. While the kids are here they are required to do a presentation that they are to present to their parents and some of the members of the LMIC board on Saturday, their last day. And so through them preparing this speech, I got to witness them grow as individuals. Certain people kind of stick out as leaders within groups, and other people make great followers through that presentation process. (Conrad) Thank you for watching this program about the Kansas State Animal Sciences Leadership Academy. For more stories from Farm Factor or if you want to view this program again, visit us on or you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. So have a good day with good luck.

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