China visits Inman High School

(Jake) Good morning, I’m Jacob Doerksen from Inman High School. Did you know that Kansas is the top grain sorghum producing state in the nation? That fact is a reason why a group of Chinese representatives recently traveled to the state, as Jacob Potter reports. (Jacob) A group of delegates representing some of China’s largest firms traveled to central Kansas to discuss the opportunities of trade concerning grain sorghum. As a part of their two-week trip to the United States, a team of delegates traveled to central Kansas to tour ADM in Hutchinson, Kansas Ethanol in Lyons and Baldwin Farms located in McPherson County. The trip is a part of a program sponsored by the U.S. Grains Council. After attending the 2014 Export Exchanges Meeting in Seattle, Washington, the purpose of the trip is to build positive relationships between American producers and overseas buyers which could lead to local sales. (Bryan Lamar) Well if you ask a local farmer, a farmer in the United States particularly ones across soybeans, corn, sorghum or an ethanol producer, they’ll tell you that China is a major swing factor in their markets. (Jacob) China began importing U.S. grain sorghum just last fall. Having a group of Chinese representatives visit Kansas, the leading producer of grain sorghum in the United States, could help further trade relations. (Jake Doerksen) The delegates were able to visit with some Kansas sorghum producers while seeing first hand what sorghum crops look like this year. Delegates were also able to learn about production methods including taking an up close look at equipment used for planting and harvesting grain sorghum crops. (Jacob)The representatives will complete the final leg of their tour by traveling to Texas before returning to China. Reporting from Inman, I’m Jacob Potter for AG am in Kansas.

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